2022 Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress Review

From snack leggings to gardening items, Outdoor Voices stans know the brand likes to shake up the game of athleisure. The Outdoor Voices exercise dress is, bar none, the brand’s best example of this. If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’ll instantly recognize the exercise dress, a brightly colored strappy mini dress that’s meant for working out but wouldn’t look out of place at your local brunch in the summer months. summer.

The fan-favorite workout dress was first introduced in 2018, but it didn’t really take off until 2021 when “about three dresses sold out every minute”, according to the brand, after giving the style new and improved design features such as adjustable suspenders, an additional pocket and internal leg loops so the shorts liner stays in place. More importantly, OV has also rolled out new shades. Today, there have been over 67 iterations of the exercise dress, from classic neutrals to sherbet shades and psychedelic swirl prints.

Of course, the dress also has rave reviews to back it up, with many workout wear enthusiasts donning it for everything from yoga to hiking to weightlifting. True to the brand’s “do things” spirit, others simply wore it to walk the dog or run errands. One person even shared a photo of herself pairing the dress with a blazer for work, because why not?

With a new drop here for spring, we decided to finally try the style on to see if or not it lives up to the thousands of rave reviews – after all, there still aren’t many dresses you can exercise in with confidence (and still feeling cute without worrying about a nip slip or flashing your sexy granny panties).

The dress retails for $100 and you can snag it in sizes XXS-XL and 16 different colors and prints. It comes with built-in shorts that feature two pockets big enough for your smartphone and adjustable bra straps for extra support and lift. The shorts also have a sticky lining so they won’t ride up while you’re walking or working out. And the sweat-wicking fabric has a lightweight, technical feel – imagine something similar to a shell or rashguard found in swimwear. Some of the lighter shades can be sheer, so you can wear a sports bra underneath for coverage (or extra support for more strenuous activities).

Read on for our full Outdoor Voices workout dress review below and see the dresses in different colors and silhouettes on five different women.

Jenny Singer, Editor, wearing Dayflower

jenny singer

“It gives bitch tennis! It makes young stepmom hot! It goes ‘Oh, no big plans for Sunday, just brunch and the farmer’s market, and then we could sneak in a little hike!’ I love that. The concept of an “exercise dress” sounded too fun to be true, but with the built-in shorts, it basically works like a romper, but with less crotch doubt and discomfort. I love the ombre, suspenders and hidden shorts. A few drawbacks: it doesn’t matter much to me, in terms of the neckline. And it’s a bit difficult to put on. Once on, it’s very comfortable. I read an interview with Hellen Mirren in 2015 and think about it every time I exercise. She said: “Buy yourself a fabulous workout outfit. Put it on, do four sit-ups, take it off, and hit the shower. That’s the best workout advice I’ve ever heard. Since then, I was looking for my fabulous workout outfit, and that was it.

Trade journalist Andrea Navarro wearing Maize Mango Droplet

Courtesy of Andrea Navarro

Andrea Navarro

“I love this vibrant color palette. I’m trying to incorporate more bright colors into my wardrobe, especially for spring and summer workouts. This swirl print looks like a sweet sherbet At first I was a little tired of the dress because I didn’t notice it came with built in shorts until I tried it on for the first time, and of course that’s ok! turned out to be my favorite part. As for the fit, I have a wider bust and was able to adjust the straps and make them a little looser to fit comfortably. I have to say the support is smaller than what you would get from a regular sports bra so if you need it for working out I highly recommend wearing one underneath I also like that the fit Cinches my waist which really accentuates my hourglass figure I haven’t worn it for a high intensity workout yet. ity, but after a long walk in over 80 degrees I can tell that the fabric wicks away sweat – I didn’t get too hot after being out in the sun. I probably could have gotten away with a size medium, although a large was roomy and comfortable. Needless to say I understand what this is about now.

Leilani McQuay, Commercial Producer, wearing Rosemary

Courtesy of Leilani McQuay

Leilani McQuay

“I’m usually one to stick with my black leggings when working out, but this dress was a complete game-changer. I love the light, airy feel of the fabric – and having a petite body with a larger bust small, the XS (my usual size) hugs me in all the right places, provides the support I need for my workouts, all without having to adjust the straps.As someone who loves to play tennis and is an avid cyclist , my favorite part of the dress has to be the built in shorts, they stay in place no matter how hard I move in the field or on the bike, which adds versatility beyond just how I feel If you’re looking for a dress you can literally do it all in, you’ve found your match.

Talia Abbas, business writer, wearing Primrose

Courtesy of Talia Abbbas

Talia Abbas

“I have a love-hate relationship with OV clothing. As much as I love them on the model, the styles I’ve tried never work for me: most of her leggings are usually too long for my 5’1″ frame, the waist and legs being either too tight or too big, and the colors have never looked so cute to me as they do on everyone on Instagram. All to say I was skeptical about this dress. I went for an XS (my usual size) and she ended up being a bit too big. It wasn’t too loose, but it definitely wasn’t as snug as I’d hoped. There were gaps on the side of my chest even after I adjusted the clasps, and the length was longer than I would have liked. But! actually very comfortable, which is the most important thing. I wanted to go for a run on it to test the sweat wicking characteristics of the fabric, but as it’s still too cold in New York, I went for a vinyasa flow with quite a bit The dress felt great with the little shorts built in, and the top layer skirt wasn’t all in my face when I was inverted. ng my leggings anytime soon, but I’m officially on board with the Outdoor Voices exercise dress – can’t wait to wear it for trips to the park and sunny lunches outdoors.

Bella Cacciatore, beauty writer, dressed in black

Courtesy of Bella Cacciatore

Bella Cacciatore

“I’m not much of a sports girl, but I live in mini dresses in the spring and summer, so I’ve been dying to try this as an alternative to my usual strappy dresses, and it didn’t disappoint. Love the fit – it’s like my favorite Los Angeles Apparel mini dress, with a little more compression to pinch my waist I was a little worried it might be too small for my bigger boobs , but it fits me perfectly and the attached bodysuit is sturdy enough to skip a bra in. The fabric is comfortable and easy to put on, especially with the flash resistant shorts, but doesn’t read as “athletic” as I would expect. couldn’t live without it at dinner or the office. I’m delighted to wear it with a button-down shirt and loafers. Although the most vigorous exercise I’ll probably do is running errands, I know it will be a must have for the warmer weather ahead.

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