6 tips for men to dress perfectly for any occasion

Unlike women, men’s style is simple yet stunning. It’s much easier to dress properly as a man than a woman, so any excuse that you’re not dressed the way you should is immature.

Yet it seems so hard for men to get it right. Either they don’t know what to wear, how to combine colors, what types of clothes go with something else, or how to use the right accessories for different occasions.

We’re here to put an end to those issues and explain the most important topics about how to dress properly as a man. We’ll dive deep into the rules of men’s fashion and explain what are the most valuable things to keep in mind when doing it. Follow and learn more about it.

1. Dress up by all means

No matter the occasion, a costume goes a long way. Whether you are going on a date, a business meeting, a walk in the city or anything else, the suit represents that you know how to dress well. Even a sporting event accepts your costume, but you will need to combine it with other clothes.

It’s always wise to have more different costumes made of different materials, have different styles, and be dyed in different colors. Depending on what you need at the moment, you’ll just pull another one out of the closet and off you go.

2. Wear a watch

Today, a wristwatch is a fashion accessory, and although it tells the time, you wear it to make a fashionable statement. A watch is mandatory no matter the style, but choosing the right watch is key if you have the perfect match.

With various garments needed for different events, you’ll need to have the appropriate watch. For example, when you are in a business meeting, you need an oversized dominant watch that will be visible. Still, if you’re going to a party, then a smaller, slimmer and sleeker one, done in a minimalist style, will do.

3. Choose the right belt for the outfit

Let’s say you have a black suit, black pants, and a purple leather belt. Something is wrong here, isn’t it? The best thing is to find the right belt that will match the rest of the outfit. The belt can also help you combine different clothes and improve your overall appearance.

Always have more different belts in your closet. Find the brand you love and get different ones. For example, a RMW Belt is great for any occasion. Various belts are perfect for business, pleasure, walking on the beach and other occasions, so choose wisely.

4. Use jeans at all times

Jeans are very practical. They can be matched with almost anything you can think of. They go very well with elegant and chic suits, shirts, t-shirts, sneakers and shoes, and you can literally combine any accessory with them. The only thing – choose the right ones for you.

Trends will try to push modern ideas, but make sure you know when and where you can wear these types. In the meantime, get some stylish jeans that you can wear for any occasion and in situations where you just don’t know what else to pick from the closet.

5. Statistically, women look at men’s shoes first

Did you know that women will first look at your shoes when they first meet you? Shoes are indeed a crucial element to leave a good first impression. After that comes everything else, the rest of the style, your face, and only then the way you communicate.

This clearly shows that a good pair of shoes is essential. Invest in good shoes and wear them according to the occasion. More formal events will require smart leather shoes, while casual events like a walk in the park or sporting events will require sneakers.

6. Experimenting can get you off track

It’s cool to be the person who likes to experiment, but think about whether you can pull it off in any situation. Not everyone can be Johnny Depp, who has pulled off all sorts of styles throughout his career. If you’re an ordinary person, experiment only in situations where you can, but be cautious when things get serious.

If you try to experiment just to be different from others, you might end up in the wrong place. People may start thinking of you as a weird person, and you never want to feel that way. Keep your appearance in order and know that there will be an appropriate time to experiment.


These are some of the key points you need to know if you are a man and trying to dress properly. Keep things tidy, follow the rules and you can’t go wrong. Dress up, use certain accessories correctly and combine clothes in the right way. If you do this, you will always look amazing.



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