7Mesh WTV clothing, Wera tools, Helmetor helmet holder and Muc-Off shoe care kit

Welcome everyone to another glittering edition of BikeRadar’s First Look Friday – our weekly collection of kits that our friendly postman delivered to BR HQ.

This week’s update features high-tech apparel from Canada, colorful tools, a neat helmet storage solution, and a kit to keep your shoes clean.

But before we start the show, how about taking a look at some of the news and reviews that have graced our homepage over the past seven days?

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Alright, on with the main show.

Chilco Seton 7Mesh Jersey and Anorak

The Seton jersey has a slim fit, which should appeal to road and gravel riders in cold weather.
Andy Lloyd / Our media

High-end Canadian brand 7Mesh recently launched a new material, called WTV – Wind, Thermal, Ventilation – and both of these garments feature the new material.

The WTV is said to balance wind protection while providing thermal properties and being ventilated to reduce sweat buildup.

The woven outer material is said to provide this wind protection. Inside, the grid fleece-like material adds bulk, and therefore insulation, while allowing just enough air movement to keep sweat at bay.

The Seton Jersey is a fast road/gravel jersey designed for cooler days.

Its slim fit, back pockets and (in our sample) hi-vis color should make it an ideal jersey to wear from fall to spring.

It can be worn as a single layer, if desired, and there’s a full-length zipper to provide extra ventilation (and to help you get it on and off).

At the back, the ‘Anything Pockets’ are deep and wide, while there are reflective details.

A women’s version is also available, as well as men’s and women’s vests.

The Chilco Anorak has a casual look, but is built for the rigors of mountain biking.
Andy Lloyd / Our media

The Chilco Anorak is a jacket focused on adventure and mountain biking

Its pull-on design allows for a stomach pocket, constructed from an extra piece of windproof fabric – it’s soft on the inside, so it’s a nice place to rest your hands.

The jacket has a hood, using WTV fabric, which is about thin enough to fit under a helmet.

Reflective detailing is again added and both items fall under 7Mesh’s crash replacement program. If you damage them in an accident during the first 30 days of ownership, 7Mesh will repair or replace them, while later repairs can be made for a nominal fee.

  • Seton 7 mesh jersey – £170 / $200 / €189.99
  • Chilco 7-Mesh Anorak – £170 / $200 / €189.99

Wera tools

We don’t think many runners attach the set to their shorts, but you can if you want.
Steve Sayers / Our media

In the world of cycling, Park may be the most well-known brand of tools, but tooling giant Wera also has a large collection of useful tools for cyclists.

Wera’s signature look is the multicolored rubber coating on its hex and Torx keys, as seen in our swatches here. Each size having a different color, the idea is that they are easy to spot on the counter.

The brand has a great reputation for the quality of its tools, so we’ll be interested to see how these perform in our workshop tests.

The 950/9 Hex-Plus offset wrench set and the 967/9 TX XL HF 1-L wrench set from Wera in the brand’s characteristic colored shape.
Steve Sayers / Our media

The Wera Tools 950/9 Hex-Plus L-Key BlackLaser Hex Key Set with Hold Feature (£39.99) uses stainless steel for its 1.5mm to 10mm ball end hex keys. Wera claims the Hex-Plus profile of the head provides a larger contact surface than normal profile tools, reducing wear and damage.

The 967/9 TX XL Multicolour HF 1 L-key Set (£43.99) has everything from TX8 to TX40, still in stainless steel with the colored handles.

Finally we have the Bicycle Set 3 Ratchet, Screwdriver & Socket Set (£89.99). It comes with a mini screwdriver as well as a ratchet tool, which fit a wide range of bits and sockets.

Plenty of hex (including some ball end), Torx, Phillips and flat head bits are supplied, as well as seven sockets from 5.5mm to 15mm.

Everything is contained in a fold-out stand, which has a nylon carrying case. However, if you want to pack light, there is a separate holder for a small selection of hex and Torx bits.

Helmet or helmet holder

This cute little clip screws into your wall to hold a helmet.
Tom Marvin / Our media

If you’re not like me, you’ll love keeping your bike kit tidy, whether it’s in your house, in the garage or shed, or in your van.

Helmets are one of those annoying things that roll around and, if you’re not careful, can get damaged. All those little knocks and bangs on the edge of the EPS foam wreak havoc on the helmet, and dropping them on the floor is bad news.

Helmetor is a neat plastic helmet storage clip system. Its plastic arms, one of which has a rubber coating, clip into a single vent or pair of vents (30-65mm long) on ​​your helmet to hold it securely, preventing it from becoming tripping hazard on the floor.

It is even possible to lock your helmet to the helmet or by inserting a padlock into the locking hole (as long as the padlock does not go through the vent).

Two colors are available – blue and gray – and there is also a dual helmet model.

Muc-Off Premium Cycling Shoe Care Kit

Treat your cycling shoes with care.
Steve Sayers / Our media

Other than tires or pedals, I think the humble cycling shoe is perhaps the most abused of any piece of equipment. But, unlike the other elements, they’re usually left to the end when it comes to TLC.

That’s kind of weird, because a) they can be very expensive, b) they serve a basic function, and c) nobody likes smelly feet.

Muc-Off’s latest addition to its cleaning range is a premium kit to keep your road or MTB shoes in top condition.

It includes shoe cleaning liquid, water-repellent hydrophobic spray, foam to keep the interior fresh, brush to remove dirt and microfiber cloth to make them shine again. Oh, and it all comes in its own carry bag.

Cleaning fluids are also available separately.

With this kit, there’s no excuse for dirty, smelly shoes.

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