AZADE: a new boutique hotel opens its doors in Chania, Crete

AZADE, a brand new luxury boutique hotel, has recently opened its doors in Crete, in the heart of the old town of Chania and next to the historic Venetian walls and the old port.

Operating under the management of Modus & Amplio Hospitality, AZADE Chania is located in an iconic building dating back to 1640 AD that has been carefully restored and transformed into a boutique hotel with 9 rooms and suites.

The renovation of the building, which lasted four years, succeeded in uniting the Venetian and Ottoman worlds, in a unique aesthetic and architectural result.

“Like the city of Chania, which was at the crossroads of 3 cultures, the atmosphere that emanates from AZADE Chania is unique and truly magical,” says the hotel management.

Exclusive offer in-room and outdoor catering, Showcasing exceptional local Cretan products, Hotel AZADE Chania supports the local community by carefully choosing small-scale local farmers and suppliers of exquisite quality.

All products served to customers come from the fertile land of Crete, cultivated by small independent farmers.

The hotel’s restaurant, located on the ground floor across from one of the city’s most popular passageways, is open for breakfast, light snacks and drinks.

“Traveling through 383 years of Venetian, Ottoman and Greek history, AZADE has a rich heritage imprinted in its DNA, and invites guests to step into its magical and atmospheric world and experience authentic Crete,” says Modus & Amplio Hospitality.

Past owners and residents of the building include the American poet and artist Charles-Henry Fordas good as Ottoman Pasha who ruled Chania during the period.

AZADE Chania completes Modus & Amplio Hospitality’s collection of unique historic properties dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as the Poseidonion Grand Hotel (1914) in Spetses and the Grande Albergo Delle Rose (1925) in Rhodes.

“AZADE” is a woman’s name in the Persian language, meaning liberty, liberty, noble and kindly.

“Similarly, AZADE Chania is kindly and free spirit and invites guests into a mystical world and into its heart and soul,” says Modus & Amplio Hospitality.

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