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Hamilton resident Kendra Hale is opening Burlap Chic Boutique & Gifts, a women’s boutique full of fun textures in Hamilton with a grand opening this weekend.

“My store will have a unique shopping experience and vibe with a raw burlap feel that is polished, classy, ​​and classy,” Hale said. “I offer super cozy and comfortable clothes. There are a lot of things that are super soft, dressy but comfy. There are some really good jeans and everything is affordable. You are not going to break the bank to buy a few coins.

Hale said the community knew her through her work at the Bank Club, Edge Restaurant and Hamilton Wine & Liquor, but her real passion and education is in women’s fashion.

Originally from Montana, she left the state to continue her education in California, then traveled and modeled in Europe. In 1990, she received a degree in fashion merchandising from Brooks College, a fashion institute in Long Beach, California. She was educated at the Bullock department store (which later became Macy’s) in women’s fashion and cosmetics.

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“After I graduated, I went to Europe and continued my studies in fashion, modeling and travel,” Hale said. “Back in the US, I worked at LA Fashion Mart, then ran two women’s retail stores and one home decor store for the same owner in Orange County, UK. California.”

She returned to Montana in 1998 to see her relatives and never left.

“I ended up taking a different path from fashion, I wasn’t really sure if Hamilton was quite ready for my hip, hip, Southern California sense of the early ’90s,” Hale said. . “But I know my beloved city and valley are not only ready, they need Burlap Chic.”

She said she knew it was time to start her own boutique filled with clothes and accessories when others applauded her style and asked her to buy them.

“I knew I was ready so I put all my heart and soul into the concept and feel of this store and I want to share my excitement with my friends, family and community,” Hale said.

She painted the once Simply Elegant boutique, added her own touches of industrial pipes for clothes racks and antiques she had collected for exhibitions. Old chairs line the top wall as shelves, an antique school desk, cream jars, dressers, suitcases, a church bench, and his family’s porcelain hutch also feature unique items.

“I love anything nostalgic that reminds me of my mom’s days or when I was growing up,” Hale said. “I like the old one and it’s the chic burlap. I’m a bit of the farm girl who likes to dress neat fashion.

She opens her store with two part-time employees.

“I’m sure this will grow,” Hale said. “I’m not leaving Edge. The Fehr family has been more than amazing to me. It is such a passion for me. I use my merchandising skills there, I just market a different product.

She is optimistic about opening a store during a pandemic and believes the time has come with population growth and fashion changes.

“I haven’t let the pandemic be a factor in what I’m doing,” Hale said. “I have no doubts that everyone’s health will be restored and that businesses must continue to grow, strive and move forward. We have an influx of new people and we need something fresh and new. I believe in local shopping and want to continue on this path so we can keep the money here in our community.

The grand opening of Burlap Chic Boutique & Gifts is January 7 to honor her mother.

“My mom has always been a driving force in my life to follow my dreams and ambitions,” Hale said. “She was with me on my fashion journey through the years and we have always shared a passion for beautiful clothes and dressing for the occasion.”

Hale’s mother Carol Herron recently returned from Arizona to Montana and will be celebrating her 86th birthday on Jan.7.

“I dedicate my store to her,” Hale said. “She went to [University of Montana] UM for Pharmacology and worked at Bitterroot Drug for Wayne Hedman at the time. She loves being in Hamilton and loves it. So join me in celebrating my new business and Carol’s birthday! “

Burlap Chic Boutique & Gifts offers clothing, shoes and accessories, candles, body lotions, soaps and room fragrances, Pinky Up Tea with flavored tea and accessories, and unique gifts, including including memorabilia from pet owners.

Visit Burlap Chic Boutique & Gifts at 175 S. 2nd St. STE A in Hamilton. The grand opening lasts all weekend with doors open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, then from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. After the official opening, the opening hours will be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday and closed on Sunday and Monday. For more information, call Hale at 406-375-5898, or email [email protected]

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