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Woman who spent £50,000 to look like Kim Kardashian says she has no regrets

A woman who spent £50,000 to look like Kim Kardashian says she has no regrets about her surgeries as it gives her “a nice privilege”.

Cherri Lee, 28, grew up idolizing the reality TV star and has made it her mission to look like her – despite being a totally different race.

Cherri, who is from South Korea, underwent 15 surgeries over eight years in a bid to replicate Kim’s hourglass figure and glamorous look.

Her first facial surgery, when she was 20, was a procedure to give her double eyelids – and other surgeries included three Brazilian butt lifts and two breast augmentations.

Cherri, whose South Korean name is Hanbyeol, has also had several other facial surgeries to the point that no one even believes she is from Korea.

But despite the £50,000 price tag, she says she has no regrets and would even consider further surgery because she feels “a nice privilege”.

“Pretty privilege” is the idea that attractive people have more opportunities and advantages in society because of their appearance.

Cherri, a part-time English teacher, said: “I love my look, but I would still consider other lip jobs.

“It would be difficult to get another Brazilian butt lift because they have already removed almost all the fat from me.

“But with the lip suction, I think if I had smaller arms, my butt would look bigger.

“I’ll never regret it – I love the ‘pretty privilege’.

“It’s definitely a real thing – like when you go to a restaurant and there’s no tables but you’re a beautiful woman, they find you a table.

“When I was traveling in a foreign country, it was really useful and it makes me feel good.

“I didn’t do all of this for life’s little favors – I did it to like how I looked – but it’s definitely a plus.

“I will never regret the changes I made to my appearance, and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.”

Cherri had her first surgery aged just 20 to remove her double eyelids – and quickly became hooked on the confidence boost it gave her after a tough breakup.

The operation, in 2014, became the first of 15 as she grew increasingly desperate to look like the Kardashians.

In particular, she dreamed of looking like her idol Kim, but the catch is that Cherri is Korean, not American-Armenian.

She said: “After a break up, my confidence was at an all time low. I always wanted the glam Kardashian look with the big ass and hourglass figure.

“My ex didn’t want me back after the first operation, but every time I went under the knife I saw a positive change and quickly got hooked.”

In 2016, she underwent her first breast surgery in Seoul before another eye surgery the following year.

Between 2019 and 2021, she had THREE Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) to get Kim’s famous behind – because each time it wasn’t as big as she wanted.

Between those years, she also underwent nose surgery, cheekbone surgery, double chin reduction and two oral fat removal sessions, which thins the cheeks.

She was able to afford the expensive surgeries with the help of her parents.

Cherri hasn’t been under the knife since her last oral fat removal in Greece last year – and until recently she thought she had achieved her dream look.

She currently has 1050cc implants in each breast – making her a cup size of 34 GGG – and her facial surgeries have changed her face so much that she no longer looks Korean.

In fact, she admitted that even some of her own family members didn’t recognize her at first – and people see her walking around her hometown and assume she’s a tourist.

And others mistake her for Kim K from behind – leaving her feeling better than ever.

Cherri said, “I don’t think my facial features look like Kim K, but the overall vibe is hers.

“I get comments from behind, thinking I can ‘I don’t hear them wondering if I’m Kim.

“There are a lot of Kim lookalikes but I’m from an Asian background so it takes a lot more effort – you don’t see a lot of Asian girls doing that.”

She said she sometimes received negative comments but defended her right to do what she wanted with her own body.

She even calls it the “best decision” she’s ever made – and is thrilled with how she looks now.

But despite being happy with her look, she admitted that she has recently been considering having more liposuction.

Although she cannot have another BBL, she feels that if she had smaller arms, she would look taller behind in comparison.

She’s considering more because she loves the “pretty privilege” she’s experiencing – insisting it’s “a real thing”. p>

She said, “Now I have more men approaching me.

“I’ve always been attention-seeking – it makes me sexy. I like random people giving me compliments.

“People are just warmer to you when you’re pretty.

“My confidence is at an all time high, I’m so much happier now than when I was younger.

“I will never regret it – my only regret is not doing it sooner.”

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