Business of the week: Hinky Swinky Boutique | Vanburen

Do you have money for Christmas and want to celebrate the new year in fashion? then check out Hinky Swinky. They are a must visit and have a wide selection of clothes that are sure to impress.

Hinky Swinky Boutique started online in February 2020, but with the pandemic to follow soon, their original business model is expected to adapt quickly. The Hinks had gone to the Las Vegas market in early February and purchased dressy and formal clothes, but any events that required such an outfit would soon be called off. While their initial purchases were unnecessary at the time, they quickly identified that people would be looking for loungewear, T-shirts and jeans for their new lifestyle, at least in the future. predictable. It was this quick action that allowed them to flourish and grow during a difficult time. Hinky Swinky has continued to grow and they now operate a brick and mortar store across from KFC and share space with Stephens Creek Soap Co. & Southern Belle Salon to create an amazing shopping experience.

Haley and Shelly Hink are local Clinton products and take pride in operating a business in the community they love. Fashion has always been part of this mother-daughter combo. With Shelly instilling this passion in Haley by always putting together cute outfits and choosing the cutest items for her. Haley is pretty sure her mom had her in the baby space and a bow on her way home from the hospital. When Haley was a little girl she used to staple construction paper and glue feathers, jewelry or whatever she could get her hands on to make “clothes.” So it’s safe to say that these women’s love for fashion spans their entire lives.

Hinky Swinky takes pride in delivering unique items that you won’t see in your everyday retail store. With their business knowledge combined with their love for fashion, they hope to bring you clothes that will give you confidence, comfort and beauty! Their goal is to make women feel beautiful and empowered, and they have a variety of suitable clothing for work throughout a night out on the town. They are now online at and have their storefront in Clinton at 144 Highway 65 S, Clinton.

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