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So how did you get into the Shade Room?

I was at BET, I climbed the ranks a bit where I helped my manager to do the BET Awards. I saw them on Instagram and thought, “This stuff is going to explode and they would be perfect for covering the red carpet.” It was years ago. I loved their platform! I met the owner and we became friends. I helped her as much as I could by consulting her with my knowledge of corporate entertainment. From there the board became a full time employee and then the marketing manager.

Me having this background in public relations: every time we had the BET Awards, you had to do a press report and then you would evaluate the advertising dollars. I was able to leverage that knowledge and see how much she should charge in ad services based on the information from TSR. My experience as a model also helped me assess the value of display. . I was able to draw my experience from both worlds and merge them.

Are you talking about stepping away from those positions and focusing on your own creation as a model? It was scary ?

Becoming a model was so difficult because I am a woman of color (half Chinese) and curvy, I didn’t think that becoming a model was in my cards, nor my family. So when I told my family I was going to be a model, they thought I was getting ripped off. They really wanted me to focus on my career in public relations. They were already shocked that I got this job as a LOL Art Major.

I’ve always had multiple careers: modeling, designer, and CMO, but I had a hunch that I really needed to focus on being a designer. It was really hard to leave TSR, as I was pretty much there from the start, but I knew it was a leap of faith I had to take, especially with the rise of social media and the way COVID fundamentally immersed us more. on the creators and their content.

I am so grateful that The Shade Room has given me so many great opportunities. Well done to Angie! She really helped me advance my career and was a great support in my decision to leave!

I love what you represent, body positivity. What does it mean to have a platform and represent your people and to have women who admire you?

I take it very seriously, because growing up I didn’t have anyone to admire. It’s crazy how I get DMS from people my age or older who tell me I help them with love and confidence. Whether you are healthy or where you are right now, my platform is a safe and authentic area.

It’s super important that I also help with the representation. Me being half Asian and half white and a model of big brands like Nike, being in Vogue etc, it makes a difference that there are seats at the table. However, I think we can work on getting more seats.

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