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SIOUX CITY – The owner of a clothing store that opened on the ground floor of the historic Davidson building this summer sees plenty of opportunity in the Sioux City clothing market.

Rooted Boutique, a high-end clothing retailer for women and men, opened in approximately 2,200 square feet of space on the main floor of the Davidson Building, 505 Sixth St., on July 16. show in the adjacent Warrior Hotel.

Emily Vollmar, of Holstein, founded Rooted Boutique in her attic in 2016. A stay-at-home mom, Vollmar had discovered that professional and educated women in Ida County’s community of approximately 1,500 people needed clothing options. There was not much available locally.

“Everyone was busy working and didn’t have time to go to town, Omaha, Des Moines, anywhere, to shop,” Vollmar said.

Some women would buy clothes from online sources and keep the clothes even if they didn’t particularly like them.

Vollmar therefore opened a boutique with a carefully selected clothing line. The name “Rooted” was a reference to Vollmar’s roots in Holstein. This later became a “mobile pop-up shop” when the operation moved into a snowmobile trailer. On Black Friday 2018, the store moved into a storefront in Holstein, where it remains.

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“We quickly realized that the demand was there and no one was responding,” she said.

Last November, Sioux City Small Business Saturday evolved into four Small Business Saturdays (called “Small Business Marketplace”), and Rooted Boutique opened a temporary boutique in downtown Sioux City. They quickly found loyal and enthusiastic customers, and Vollmar became determined to open a permanent store in Sioux City.

A tour of the elegant Warrior Hotel-Davidson property – the newly renovated downtown hotel, apartments, restaurants, entertainment and retail space – convinced Vollmar she had found the place. ideal for his store.

“It always intrigued me a little, the Sioux City market, the fact that it is wide open for a store like ours,” she said.

She wasn’t the only one feeling an opportunity. As the real estate agent who helped Vollmar find the space said, “‘There is money to spend in Sioux City, but people have nowhere to spend it. They are going to Omaha. and they’re going to Sioux Falls, ‘”she mentioned.

Where the Holstein store had specialized in women’s clothing, the Sioux City store expanded its product line to include men’s clothing as well.

The store is the first, and currently the only retailer to open in the refurbished Warrior or Davidson. It is also one of the few retailers with a physical presence in downtown Sioux City.

Lila Plambeck, marketing director for the Warrior, said other Warrior-Davidson retailers are “in the works” and more information about them should be available “in the near future.”

The store’s Davidson space, with its massive windows looking out to Pierce and Sixth Streets, white walls, white marble-effect flooring, and black accents, is “very bright” and “minimalist,” with “that sense of big city, fancy, big store, “says Vollmar.

“We really designed the space to allow the clothes to be the focal point and the star of the show,” she said.

All of the store’s products – around 30 brands of clothing, footwear, jewelry and accessories for men and women – are hand-selected by Vollmar on his frequent trips to the “market” (convention-type events in the fashion industry). , where clothing vendors bring their latest deals) in Chicago, Minneapolis and Dallas.

Customers apparently like to tell their friends where they found their new outfits.

“Much of our advertising has been done by word of mouth, which we love,” said store manager Afton Wulf. The store has something for everyone, Wulf said – high school kids and grandmothers.

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