Dream Center Peoria Hosts 10th Annual “PROMise of Hope” Dress Contest

PEORIA (25 NEWS) — As prom season approaches, Dream Center Peoria is helping those looking for a prom dress get ready for the big night, and for free.

Their 10th annual “PROMise of Hope” event provided over 1,000 dresses with many styles for young girls to choose from.

“Putting them in a dress and seeing them shine is a big moment,” said Alyson Glenn, Guest Experience Coordinator for Dream Center Peoria.

“It brings warmth and tears to many eyes just to see the girls happy,” Glenn added.

Each girl had a personal shopper to help them choose and try on their dresses and pick out matching jewelry and handbags.

“You can actually get what you want, what you like, what looks good on you, what makes you feel beautiful, and not just what works in the moment,” said high school student Tianna Garcia.

Brittan Aschenbrenner from Beijing was there with her mother Becke Aschenbrenner to choose dresses.

Brittan said it was exciting to be able to choose from so many options at no cost.

“It’s been really tough – there are so many choices to choose from,” Brittan said. “Like but I think I’m going somewhere.”

Her mother Becke told parents who wanted their daughters to have what they needed for prom but couldn’t afford it, that they were grateful for the event.

“Not everyone will have the opportunity to get a dress,” Becke said.

“And it’s a great experience for girls to be able to shop in one place for multiple dresses,” she added.

Parent Shaka McQueen said it was a blessing the community donated dresses for their children and said events like these were important.

“We don’t have the money to afford dresses like these and they’re beautiful dresses that they donated,” McQueen said.

Glenn said it was a rewarding feeling to help parents and their children make their big night special.

“You can’t put a price on the experience of letting a girl have her moment,” Glenn said.

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