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WILLMAR — As the season changes — now more than two years after the coronavirus pandemic upended just about everything — local boutique owners are betting many women will be in the mood to upgrade their closets.

While ordering fall and winter inventory, these boutique owners noticed several trends that might be in style during these cooler seasons. They also believe that women are ready to reenter society, with a wardrobe to match that urge.

“People are going to dress up more,” said Trish Perry, owner of Lotus on Burlington in Willmar. “I think we’re out of COVID, sweatpants and just looking good on top.”

Eryn Hannig, owner of Spicer’s Urban Escape, agrees that women are looking for a fashion upgrade, but without giving up some of the benefits brought by the pandemic and the world of remote work.

Fall fashion trends are on display at Urban Escape at Spicer on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

Macy Moore / West Central Tribune

“Still comfortable, just a little more dressed up,” Hannig said. “Maybe a trendy jacket to dress it up.”

With 11 years in the boutique business, Hannig has seen trends come and go and come back. She first opened Urban Escape in Hutchinson before opening in Spicer in 2014. She moved to her last storefront at 130 Lake Avenue N. in 2018. She said her store specializes in women’s clothing while offering accessories and gift items.

“A place to shop, get away, and leave behind the chaotic lives we live,” Hannig said. “I always wanted the store to be just inspiring and happy.”

Perry is newer to the boutique world, having opened Lotus in Burlington, at 201 4th Street SW in Willmar, in October 2021. Perry has always dreamed of owning her own fashion boutique and helping customers find the perfect outfit . The store focuses on clothing for women 35 and older.

“It’s really fun to see the joy people have in looking good and feeling good,” Perry said.

Perry and Hannig visit clothing markets across the country, where they can see what might be the next big thing in fashion and order inventory for upcoming seasons. They usually start shopping for fall and winter clothes in late winter and early spring. It can be a little difficult to determine which trends will catch on in south-central Minnesota, but Hannig thinks many are open to trying some new ideas.

Fall Fashion Trends 003.jpg
Eryn Hannig, owner of Urban Escape in Spicer, poses for a portrait in her store on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

Macy Moore / West Central Tribune

“What I like about this neighborhood is that they’re hipper,” Hannig said. “It’s fun because people will try these trends, but maybe in subtle ways.”

Fashion trends can impact everything from fit and fabric to color and embellishment. This fall and winter, popular colors will range from bright, bold colors to more autumnal colors like cranberry and mustard.

“It’s called a dopamine band-aid. So like super bright colors, bright colors,” Hannig said. “To enhance the style and your mood.”

Perry brings a wide range of different shades to Lotus.

“We’ve got a lot of blue coming. Pink for winter,” Perry said. “So a lot of color, the last few years have been pretty dark.”

Denim will, as usual, remain a closet staple everywhere, but this fall skinny jeans are stepping aside for more flared and baggy bottoms. Additionally, shoppers will likely see a lot of frayed or split bottoms, giving the jeans a slightly different look.

Fall Fashion Trends 004.jpg
Trish Perry, owner of Willmar’s Lotus store in Burlington, poses for a portrait in her store on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

Macy Moore / West Central Tribune

“You’re definitely going to pull away from a clean edge,” Perry said. “Do not hem. Cut.”

Dresses will remain popular, as they are easy to move from season to season and create a fashionable outfit.

“Women find them comfortable. It’s easy to put leggings on (with) booties,” Perry said.

Jackets in many shapes and lengths will be in style this year. This includes standout pieces in bright colors or with bold patterns, such as Scottish or Aztec patterns. Thought to remain popular this year will be the comfortable and versatile jacket.

“It’s a lightweight jacket that you can wear every day,” Hannig said. “Like a cardigan but in the form of a jacket.”

Fall fashion trends are on display at Urban Escape at Spicer on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.
Fall fashion trends are on display at Urban Escape at Spicer on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

Macy Moore / West Central Tribune

All of these pieces can also be embellished with different fabrics or trims. Vegan leather, fur and crochet were all popular in markets this year. It can range from a leather sleeve trim on a shirt to a full crochet patchwork sweater.

Perry and Hannig had to balance buying fashionable pieces while stocking items that women in this region, who might be a little more conservative in their style of dress, will be willing to try.

“We add a lot of fashionable things, but we also have these timeless pieces that are strong and you can transition from season to season,” Hannig said.

Of course, an outfit isn’t complete without accessories.

Hannig said cross-body handbags with interchangeable straps will be popular. Jewelry is a bit more of a personal decision. Hannig said Urban Escape will continue to offer more delicate gold coins, although there have been rumors that the big, bold and colorful ones might be popular.

The accessories are on display at Lotus on Burlington in Willmar on Wednesday August 17, 2022.
The accessories are on display at Lotus on Burlington in Willmar on Wednesday August 17, 2022.

Macy Moore / West Central Tribune

“Pearls are back,” Hannig said.

As women who live in a climate where temperatures typically drop well below freezing in the winter, being able to layer items is very important. Many of the trendy and timeless Lotus pieces on Burlington and Urban Escape stock, whatever the season, allow just that.

“I want to make sure women understand that there are different ways to wear something, so it doesn’t just sit in a closet,” Perry said.

While most women who walk into a boutique may have an idea of ​​what looks good on them, Perry advises that they also come prepared to experiment a bit. You never know what you might find.

“You really have to be open to trying different things,” Perry said.

What makes a trend a trend is a bit of a difficult question to answer. Some comes from fashion shows and weeks in major fashion cities like New York, Paris and Milan. Other trends gain popularity after being seen enough times on social media influencers or celebrities. It may take a few years for trends to hit greater Minnesota, but Hannig finds her clients willing to try them.

Fall Fashion Trends 007.jpg
Eryn Hannig, owner of Urban Escape in Spicer, sets up a mannequin to display a new fall fashion look which is currently in style on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

Macy Moore / West Central Tribune

“This neighborhood is pretty hip,” Hannig said. “We’re just starting to gravitate toward her.”

No matter the trends or personal style, what’s important for shoppers is to buy only clothes they like and feel comfortable in. It is also acceptable to participate in retail therapy. You deserve it, Hannig and Perry pointed out.

“Women work hard and it’s important to look good, feel good and it’s okay to be pampered and to give yourself permission to do so,” Perry said. “We forget to take care of ourselves.”

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