Family clothing store in a small village part of the Quinceañera tradition | Latin voice | Chicago News

A quinceañera is all about the details.

The 15the The birthday event calls for a big puffy dress and, of course, a bedazzled crown. In many Latin American countries, the occasion marks one of the biggest celebrations in a person’s life.

A Little Village family business has been a part of local girls’ quinceañeras for years.

Evelyn Flores owns a quinceañera shop in the heart of Little Village called Alborada, 3544 W. 26e St. Elle runs the business with her mother and sister.

“We opened in 2006. When we started, we had a bit of everything,” Flores said. “We had wedding dresses, ball dresses, first communion dresses and tuxedos.”

Flores and her mother emigrated to the United States in the 1980s. Like many, her mother started working as a seamstress. Then she took the opportunity to buy her own shop. When Evelyn was 21, she took over the shop.

“When we started, my mom made dresses,” Flores said. “We would all like to participate by choosing different tops and shirts from different catalogs and making it our own.”

With this donation, the young entrepreneur continues to build a brand. She knows she owes her mother.

“She always believed in me,” Flores said. “She never said I couldn’t do anything.”

His sister feels equally devoted.

“It’s important because it’s a tradition when they go from girls to young women and from there they start to see the world,” Laura Alvarado said.

When it comes to the party, the whole family gets involved to make it happen. Some people are willing to pay $2,000 for a dress.

“Girls love to wear veils or have draped sleeves and we can add that…and girls love sequins too!” said Alvarado.

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