Fashion designer LI creates a vibrant clothing line inspired by her mother

A Long Island fashion designer has created a successful clothing line inspired by her mother and her culture.

Judith Gaffney, from Wheatley Heights, taught fashion for most of her life. In 2018, she decided to change course and follow in her mother’s footsteps by creating her own brand called Culture Tree Designs.

“A long time ago she had a fashion business called Broadway Fashions. So she always had the urge to do fashion. I worked alongside her, but in 2018 I decided to start my own fashion company,” Gaffney explains. “…I’ve always had a flair, a love for fashion. I like color, I like brightness, I like vibrancy.

Gaffney’s clothes have been featured at New York Fashion Week and Orlando Swim Week.

However, Gaffney says his most rewarding work may have been creating scrub caps for doctors and nurses in need during the pandemic.

“When the doctors and nurses received them…they said, ‘These colors brighten our day.’ They light up such a dark and gloomy place,” Gaffney says.

As Gaffney continues to build her own business, she has some advice for women like her who are looking to break into areas they never thought they’d reach.

“There will be doors, there will be people who won’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. But one thing you need to have is to have confidence in who you are. Know who you are, know your product, know your purpose. And don’t stop pursuing your goal. Anything you hit long enough and hard enough will break,” says Gaffney.

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