For Days Clothing Review: Zero-Waste Fashion Made Easy

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  • For Days is a zero waste fashion brand.
  • All of her clothes are made from recycled and recyclable materials
  • I have tried on some of the best sellers and the clothes are like new

If you’ve never heard of For Days, it’s only a matter of time before you do. The clothing brand is one of many on a mission to make zero waste fashion mainstream and, to their credit, they make it easy.

Founded in 2018 by Kristy Caylor and Mary Saunders, For Days is both an online store and an experience where customers can buy new clothes and recycle old ones through a brand-run donation initiative. Clothing is available in men’s and women’s sizes, as well as a number of gender-neutral styles, and ranges from everyday T-shirts and button-ups to sweatshirts and jumpers.

Because many (including myself) see the transition to the office as an opportunity to revamp their wardrobe, now is a great time to get more familiar with etiquette which is apparently not only better for my wardrobe -dress, but also better for the environment.

Read on for my favorite picks, plus information about For Days’ Take Back Bag, a program that lets you earn $20 in “Closet Cash” (essentially store credit) in exchange for sending a bag full of old clothes that you don’t use anymore. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Original For Better Days Sweatshirt

The author wearing the original For Days sweatshirt.

I paired this crew neck with my favorite pair of leggings.

Julia Guerra/Insider

Keep in mind:
With a quality product, your lifetime cost can be significantly lower than buying cheaper products that don’t last.

The Original Sweatshirt comes in a handful of colours, from neutral cement and black to brighter shades like teaberry and blazing orange, and has an oversized fit. Used this piece a lot while vacationing in South Carolina. It was perfect for chilly evenings lounging on the couch or running a quick errand, but I wouldn’t say it’s designed for optimal warmth.

In colder conditions you’ll want to layer it over a turtleneck (like we did in the 90s) or pair it with a scarf under a thicker coat. I was looking for a basic crewneck sweatshirt, and I really like this one from For Days, but if you don’t have $68 to spend on a sweatshirt, you can definitely find something similar for less.

Vintage V

The author wearing the For Days Vintage V shirt in white.

This white t-shirt is a wardrobe essential that I can pair with about 90% of my wardrobe.

Julia Guerra/Insider

Keep in mind:
With a quality product, your lifetime cost can be significantly lower than buying cheaper products that don’t last.

I can’t tell you how many white t-shirts I’ve bought and tried on in search of the perfect one. The search is over. This is the For Days Vintage V. First of all, I love the v-neck, but I also love the construction of this top. It’s made from 20% recycled cotton and 80% organic cotton, is shorter (but not cropped) and offers the slightest curve at your natural waistline. Its product description says the shirt runs small, but I found it to fit my size. I like it in white, and now I want all the colors.

Relaxing Long Sleeve Romper

The author is wearing the For Days Relaxing Long Sleeve Romper in black.

On days when I don’t feel like dressing up, putting on this jumpsuit is simply easy and effortless.

Julia Guerra/Insider

Keep in mind:
With a quality product, your lifetime cost can be significantly lower than buying cheaper products that don’t last.

The For Days Long Sleeve Relaxing Romper is an elite unique ensemble. It’s made from 100% organic and recyclable cotton jersey and looks just like the footed pajamas you wore as a kid, minus the foot covers. It has a front zipper and drawstring waist, and while it’s true to size, it’s roomy enough to be comfortable to lounge in. I wore this romper with a pair of slip-on sneakers for a massage, and it was the perfect outfit to slip on afterwards to extend my relaxation. Well worth the splurge.

Carefree Mini Dress

The author wears For Days' Carefree mini dress in red.

The Carefree mini dress is as beautiful on its own as it is with a jacket or a long cardigan.

Julia Guerra/Insider

Keep in mind:
With a quality product, your lifetime cost can be significantly lower than buying cheaper products that don’t last.

In my experience, comfortable casual dresses and cute can be hard to find. So when you find one that fits you well, looks cute, and you can do a ton with, buy it. Then buy it in all colors. That’s how I feel about the Carefree mini dress. It’s simple, yet beautiful and can be dressed up or down. It’s made from a breathable and lightweight VISCOSE fabric, making it the perfect base for layering in colder conditions. As far as I’m concerned, the only downside is that there aren’t more colors.

How the Take Back Bag program works

The For Days Take Back Bag packaging.

Although my For Days purchases are too good to return, I will be exchanging a few of my outdated and overused clothes in my closet.

Julia Guerra/Insider

For Days aims to be part of the solution to one of fashion’s most pressing problems: unnecessary waste. The brand prides itself on being a zero waste operation in which all of its products are made from sustainable and recycled materials and, in turn, are 100% recyclable.

But selling recyclable clothing is only part of their mission. Caylor and Saunders also hope to encourage customers to recycle unwanted clothes through the For Days Take Back Bag initiative.

The Take Back Bag program is a sustainable way to get rid of unwanted clothes in your closet. Here’s how it works: choose between three bag sizes (small, medium or large) and once it arrives, fill it with your old clothes before sending it back using the prepaid shipping label.

For Days accepts all brands under all conditions. Just be sure to wash them before donating! For each bag purchased, For Days will add a $6, $10, or $20 credit to your account. If you’re willing to return an item made by For Days, the brand will buy it back from you and properly recycle the garment.

The bottom line

For Days offers consumers a quality alternative to fast fashion that adds to the waste problem. To me, the cost of For Days clothing reflects the brand’s offerings, as well as its morals, which makes this enduring brand worth supporting.

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