From chocolates to clothes, Netflix boosts profits in Brazil with licensees’ TV news


As Netflix struggles to expand its subscriber base in Latin America, the streaming giant is turning to another strategy to boost profits here: licensing. Audience hits such as Bridgerton, La Casa de Papel and The Witcher have been adapted for products ranging from chocolates to clothing and spectacle frames.

“Everyone understands that to build a brand, you have to have a tangible share of products, so that the person you love can wear this memory. A licensed product, regardless of brand, is an emotional product. that affects your subconscious. a lot ”, testifies Julia Medeiros, head of licensed products at Riachuelo.

The retailer is partnering with the digital platform in Brazil to produce clothing such as shirts, sweatshirts and jackets from the La Casa de Papel and Stranger Things series. provided with specification by news channel, Riachuello’s next online with Netflix will include clothes from Round 6, a new streaming phenomenon.

In 2016, Juliana and her team began discussions with the international company. “We were the third or fourth participant in the world on Netflix. We went to Los Angeles [Estados Unidos], we practiced how to build it and in early 2017 we launched the first collection of Stranger Things. Licensing is a four way business, ”says Julia.

For chocolate lovers, the love affairs of the Bridgerton family in Marathon or Geralt de Rivia (Henry Cavill) The Witcher are already made with personalized truffles from The Coco Show, which launched a limited edition of products inspired by the series. the platform.

“We’ve been thinking about partnering with them for quite some time and we saw that now is the perfect time to create that combination of eating truffles at home and watching Netflix,” says Luciana Guima, Product Manager at The Coco Show. .

Spanish raiders and a gang of XI (Millie Bobby Brown) were also part of the collection. “The selection of series required research with our employees and franchisees: we conducted surveys to understand which series were the most popular and most attractive to our consumers. With the results, we checked with Netflix that the What Productions campaign will grow over the period. The series lists, we tried to think about how to have an output that would result in each Netflix series, ”explains the executive.

Louisiana says this product line has been selling well and the public has appreciated the combination. For example, the game developed by Shonda Rhimes has been transformed into chocolate from the La Creme line, one of the company’s best-known brands.

The Spanish production also inspired a line of Persol eyeglass frames. According to the report, Netflix did not answer questions until this text was released.

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According to Julia, before the Covid-19 pandemic, the development of a licensed collection it took about five months. “There are a lot of things that are very confidential. You should get the material at least six to eight months in advance, a year would be ideal. Often this material is not ready. And which series will explode? It’s very difficult, very unpredictable, ”he says.

“Three years ago I was looking at a movie calendar. Today it offers movie releases, series, game championships and other things. We work with Netflix on an on-demand, very fast response model. Started to get a lot of hearings, comments and engagement, we turn and run to the archives, ”acknowledged the executive.

An example of this new form of production has occurred to a younger audience with a line inspired by the successful musical group Now United. “We built the collection with 30 models, which is huge for us, in 40 days in store. Between construction, development, production and arrival in store, it took 40 days. It takes a lot of effort. And we want to make it even smaller, so that we can be in time to see what’s going on, ”he explains.

Professionals point out that the process of making a licensed product begins with an immersion in understanding the corporate vision that powers the work. In the case of Riachuelo, the investigation is discussed with the teams in charge of women’s, men’s and children’s fashion to adapt the story and develop the pieces.

Stranger Things is our flagship Netflix product, we don’t take it out of place, let’s say. Every month we have new products. La Casa de Papel is another phenomenon [no streaming], but we haven’t had the best sales performance. However, we will have [novos produtos deles], because it’s important, ”he revealed.

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