Gathered Grace creates a unique downtown boutique space

Susie Mathers, left, and Stacey Mathers are the owners of Gathered Grace Marketplace, a new downtown boutique at 466 Yampa Ave. A grand opening is scheduled for June 18.
Amber Delay/Craig Press

Gathered Grace Marketplace was a creative company that started with a bit of passion and a lot of grace.

Stacey Mathers, owner of the boutique’s new market on Yampa in downtown Craig, said the inspiration for the boutique began with the gathering place in the back of the location at 466 Yampa Ave.

Stacey and her mother, Susie Mathers, needed a creative outlet, so they teamed up to create Gathered Grace and combined their talents.

“I couldn’t have imagined all of this myself,” Stacey said. “God put it together.”

The entrance to the gathering space at the back of the Gathered Grace Marketplace reads, “The best memories are made when gathered around the table.”
Amber Delay/Craig Press

After the pandemic, people wanted to start gathering again, so Stacey decided to create a small, intimate event space where locals can gather outside their homes.

The meeting space at the back of Gathered Grace Marketplace is outfitted with tables, lighting, and décor that set the mood for intimate gatherings. The store will allow non-profit organizations to enter and use this space for free.

Stacey said it would be perfect for book clubs, Bible studies or groups who want to dine somewhere away from home.

Other parts of the shop offer a variety of craft items for personal care, home and garden, and clothing. All shop items are hand selected. Stacey just traveled to Dallas at the end of March for a wholesale market event; it was her first time to the market and it was a great place to network and meet people.

“I wanted to bring something different to Craig,” Stacey said. “There’s a lot of revitalization going on downtown and I wanted to add something to that. I love downtown and I love Craig.

A range of self-care products at Gathered Grace Marketplace include items from Wendy’s Good Things Market, which are handcrafted in Alamosa.
Amber Delay/Craig Press

The personal care section of the store is where Stacey felt like she could really exercise her creativity. Items are selected for pampering and pampering, with most lines being handcrafted here in Colorado.

“I wanted to bring in local artisans without duplicating what already exists here,” Stacey said.

There’s a bit of everything around personal care, including body scrubs, perfumes, journals, and clothes. Stacey said this area would be a really unique space to hold a baby shower or bridal shower, depending on what people need.

“We’re all busy working and taking care of families,” Stacey said. “I wanted people, especially women, to feel beautiful and valued.”

Other sections of the store naturally evolved from the gathering space, with the central theme of giving love to others. In the main room of the shop, gift items are on display and a variety of home and garden items.

Stacey has worked in the real estate industry for 25 years and continues to practice real estate. But she always had a passion to do something like this, and this year it all fell into place.

The Mathers closed the family restaurant in January because recovering from the COVID closures was just too much for staff and operations.

Gardening is what Susie is really passionate about, which comes through in the gardening and home decor selections. Susie also has a background in retail, so being at the store is a natural fit for her.

“It’s been good for her to be in the community and have a place to share her talents,” Stacey said.

The duo really wanted to create a multifaceted retail and gathering space for the enjoyment of the community. Since the soft opening this month, the store has seen a good turnout.

Gathered Grace will hold a grand opening from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on June 18 during regular business hours.

Anyone interested in using the gathering space can walk into the store and speak with Susie or call the store at 970-701-4051.

Home and garden items are on display at the Gathered Grace Marketplace in Craig.
Amber Delay/Craig Press
Clothing and personal care displays are set up at the Gathered Grace Marketplace in downtown Craig.
Amber Delay/Craig Press

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