Groom returns his bride-to-be’s wedding dress and replaces it with his mother’s choice

We knew Monster-in-law was based on a true story!

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We’ve heard about our fair share of mothers-in-law and their somewhat “sensitive” relationships with their future daughters-in-law.

And there have been many, many real-life monster scenarios in law. But somehow, when we hear a new story, it always surprises us how some mothers have unnatural relationships with their sons.

In all honesty, we can relate to the bond between mother and son, quite well. Considering Vic Naidoo and his mother have such a close bond.

But why do some mothers not know when and where to draw the line?

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This was certainly the case for this mother of the groom, who shamelessly invited herself to shopping for wedding dresses for her future daughter-in-law.

Feeling bad for leaving her out, the bride confessed that she allowed her to come with it. She was so lucky to have found what she wanted, but then the drama and the guilt started.

The bride shared the following on Reddit saying:

“I was so lucky to have found what I was looking for but she (future mother-in-law) picked out a dress she loved so much and said ‘she always imagined her son’s bride in it’. (msn)

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We have to agree with her that it sounded a bit scary. It seemed a little calculated too.

But what was worse was when the bride shared that she had kindly rejected her mother-in-law’s choice and continued with the dress she had chosen. It got ugly when her fiancé came home and took her home for excluding her mom and upsetting her about the dress choice.

He went so far as to take his chosen wedding dress to the store and exchange it for the dress his mother had chosen!

Now, that’s just plain wrong on so many levels.

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Here is the dilemma of the bride, her mother is completely furious with the situation and wants to talk to both the groom and his mother.

But the bride’s father said she should just let it go because it’s not worth losing a good relationship with her in-laws.

What do you think?

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