High school student slams school dress code for being sexist

A 16-year-old student lashes out at an administrator at an assembly as he discusses the school’s ‘sexist’ dress code, drawing attention to how the policy is being unfairly enforced.

In a video posted by TikToker Anastasia (@anastasiaskits) on September 8, she shows a clip of herself asking a staff member to clarify her strict dress code.

“Why does this school keep telling girls to cover up when guys should just keep it in their pants?” she says in the clip. “This school is so obsessed with telling girls to cover their shoulders or stomachs when it’s all quite natural.”

She goes on to share her observation that girls with a “larger cup size” get coded more often than others, even if they wear the same shirt.

“I heard that more girls with larger cup sizes have a dress code. It’s completely sexist and biased and not OK,” Anastasia continues.

The caption reads: “Our bodies are not in the way. You are just disgusting.

The video has amassed over 4.9 million views as of September 13, with commenters praising Anastasia for speaking out against the unfairly enforced dress code. Many shared their own dress code experiences.

@anastasiaskits Our bodies aren’t awkward, you’re just disgusting. #F#fypツF#for yous#schoolD#dress codes#School Assembly ♬ original sound – anastasia

“Exactly, I remember when I had a dress code, I was angry, I saw another girl wearing a shirt similar to the one I was wearing and they didn’t have a dress code,” said shared a commenter.

“One time there were these two girls wearing tank tops. one was significantly larger than the other. the tallest girl was sent home for her tank top,” another said.

In a video from Part 2, she shows the admin’s response to her statement in which he says he’s “just applying a policy” that’s in the manual.

“That’s not the way we see things,” he says. “The majority of people get it, but there are people who want to challenge it. So that’s it. And a lot of staff, they feel uncomfortable.

Another student then confronts him for saying that the “staff” were “uncomfortable with what the girls wear”, asking him to clarify. Another member of staff then interrupts him and asks the students to “refocus”, evading his question.

Several commenters slammed the administrator for claiming staff were “uncomfortable” with the outfits minors wear to school, calling them “scary” for “sexualizing minors.”

“Staff felt ‘uncomfortable’ around minors??? Ok mate get some new staff they should NOT be with kids/teens,” one user wrote.

“As a teacher, if students’ clothes make staff uncomfortable, staff don’t need to be around minors,” said another.

“It’s because adults sexualize young women when they have to focus on raising them. I’m so proud of you for raising your voice! a third added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Anastasia via a TikTok comment.

*First published: September 13, 2022, 5:48 p.m. CDT

Rebecca Harding

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