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A clothing brand owner tells the untold stories of black women throughout history. And she wants to know why fashion designer Anne Lowe was “a secret.”

Resilient Grace is a clothing brand that celebrates the strength of black women. Its creator, @shopresilientgrace, uses TikTok to amplify black history. She couldn’t help but wonder why we rarely have conversations about Lowe, the first black American to become an acclaimed fashion designer. It seems his white clientele went to great lengths to erase Lowe’s legacy as it unfolded.

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Lowe designed First Lady Jackie O’s silk taffeta wedding dress when she married John F. Kennedy in 1953.

“How did we not know that?” That’s right, a black woman designed Jacqueline Kennedy’s wedding dress,” @shopresilientgrace shared. “Isn’t that crazy? Why don’t we know this?

Most of Lowe’s clients were from high society. Lowe owned her own salon and made one-of-a-kind dresses for boutiques like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Henri Bendels. But she was rarely credited for her own work.

“That’s what really takes the cake for me,” said @shopresilientgrace. “When Jackie Kennedy was asked who made her beautiful wedding dress, she replied, ‘A colored seamstress made it.’ The End No real credit.

But that was nothing new. In 1946, Lowe designed the dress Olivia de Havilland wore to accept her Oscar for Best Actress, but the name on the tag read “Sonia Rosenberg,” the department store where it was purchased.

Lowe didn’t even receive credit for Kennedy’s wedding dress before her husband’s assassination.

“The crux of it all is this: Jackie Kennedy was the epitome of style, and her wedding dress is one of the most iconic of all time,” the TikToker said. “So to think that a brilliant designer like Anne Lowe could do without something as incredible as this dress is chilling and proves that we need to keep telling and sharing these stories.”

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