How to Dress in the Traditional Maharashtrian Way

As the 10-day celebrations for Ganesh Chaturthi begin on Wednesday, August 31, if you are one of those who want to dress according to Maharashtrian traditions, then this article is for you! Keep reading to find out how to dress for the most important festivals of Maharashtrians.


First published August 30, 2022, 12:31 PM IST

Although Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated almost all over the country, it is the most important festival in the state of Maharashtra. Ganeshotsav is associated with Maharashtrian culture. The women dress in their traditional attire to welcome Ganpati Bappa into their homes. If you are the one who wants a traditional Maharashtrian toilet, here are some tips that will help you dress like a ‘Marathi Mulgi’.

Drape the traditional Nauvari saree: From Paithanis to Chanderis, Maheshwaris and Puneris, there are several types of sarees that Maharashtrian wears. But one of the most special and traditional sarees is the “Nauvari Saree” which can be found in any fabric. It is basically a nine meter saree and has a certain way of draping. Even today, on special occasions, women drape a Nauvari saree. Not only that, in rural Maharashtra, women prefer to wear them on a daily basis for the comfort they provide.

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How to drape a Nauvari saree? Wrap the saree around the waist and tie a knot in front. Now hold the saree by the short end and pull it out from the middle of the legs and place it in the middle of the waist in the back. At the same time, hold the long end of the saree and make 5-6 plates. Now put these plates forward in the center of the waist. Keep in mind that the plates should be left face to face. Now make a four to five plate pallu, which is brought forward from the back of the waist and secured with a pin.

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Wear the traditional nath: One of the most important Maharashtrian accessories is the nath (nose ring) that women wear. Outside of nath, wear your favorite necklace and earrings. Most women prefer to wear pearls. Remember, wear green wristbands; these are auspicious for the Maharashtrian culture.

Complete your look with gajra: The Maharashtrian look is incomplete without a gajra threading your hair! Along with this, women wear either a red large-circle bindi or the half-moon shaped one. Both are traditional.

Last updated Aug 30, 2022 12:31 PM IST

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