I visited Hull’s Primark to see what the new Greggs clothing collection is all about – Lucy Marshall

Everyone is talking about the new Greggs clothing collection launched in Primark stores across the country.

Thanks to this collaboration, customers rushed to buy sausage roll-inspired clothing, and a number of branches sold out of the range within hours.

Customers dubbed it the ‘we didn’t want but needed’ collection and queues of people were waiting to get their hands on the items when the range hit stores last weekend.

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While a number of people online have mocked the partnership, it has so far been a huge success.

And in Hull, the collection sold out within 24 hours.

T-shirts, hats, sweatpants, sweatshirts and sneakers in bakery colors flew off the shelves.

Life writer Lucy Marshall went to see ‘what it’s all about’ as Primark restocks its Greggs collaboration collection in Hull

Primark staff confirmed the average shopper across the UK spends around £60 on the Greggs range, with the new £8 bucket hats selling out in minutes.

But luckily the collection is now back at the Hull store, so I decided to drop by the store to see what all the fuss was about.

As someone who loves fashion, I was rather skeptical. When the range came out I said “I wouldn’t be seen dead in it”.

Greggs and Primark have collaborated to create an 11-piece fashion range and it's already sold out in Hull
Greggs and Primark have collaborated to create an 11-piece fashion range and it’s already sold out in Hull

While you can’t go wrong with cheeky Greggs for food and drink, I have to be honest, wearing clothes based on a 99p sausage roll isn’t something that I think is broadly appealing – but I decided to have an open mind.

I first walked into the store on Monday, but unfortunately all items were sold out. I came back during the Friday afternoon rush and the collection was back.

There has been a lot of marketing from Greggs and Primark accompanied by customer hype. So I was expecting a huge eye-catching display at Princes Quay store.

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Unfortunately I was directed to the men’s section – although it was a unisex brand and had a small rail with Greggs items.

It was obvious that the collection is still popular as there were many people curious about pastry-inspired products.

“Is that all they have?” asked one woman, while another added “I wanted socks but they don’t have any.”

So it appears that while a restock was promised, tracksuit bottoms and branded t-shirts one of which featured an image of a sausage roll with the words ‘iconic’ were not available.

Nor were branded socks or sliders.

Greggs and Primark clothing collection in Hull store
Greggs and Primark clothing collection in Hull store

The only items available were the popular logo hoodies and branded underwear – some with sausage rolls printed on them.

The briefs in the collection are quite cute I must say. They’re great fun and a pair of fancy underwear can’t hurt.

I thought they were reasonably priced at £7 for a pack of two – one with a sausage roll print and one in Gregg’s signature blue colour.

Next up was the hoodie. I see what they did – they went with a basic black hoodie – who doesn’t love a black hoodie for chilling out?

But I felt like I needed to have a matching hairnet, pastry scoop, and be called a dinner lady.

Plus, it’s £16, which is a bit pricey for a hoodie that looks like it was sewn in an art class at school.

I would pay £6 for the hoodie and call it awesome, but for the price and quality it just isn’t worth it to me.

First I said I “wouldn’t be seen dead in it.” Now I think I would wear it to relax at home, but you won’t see me wearing it in public anytime soon.

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