Irish ‘bride’ reveals brutal rules for her wedding day, including dress code and ‘kids on a leash’

AN Irish woman has revealed the brutal rules she will have for her guests at her wedding.

Lauren Sharkey, posted as @laurenchloesharkey, broke down the major sins of wearing white barefoot.


Influencer insists there should be no bare feet on the dance floorCredit:
Lauren is not a fan of gift frames


Lauren is not a fan of gift framesCredit:

In a twist, Lauren isn’t getting married anytime soon, but she’s “always known” what she wants for her big day.

And she took to TikTok to warn guests about her wedding etiquette.

Lauren said, “You can’t wear white, you can’t wear cream ivory.”

She explained that guests shouldn’t even label light-colored outfits as “floral” because it can take the bride off.

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She said: “If we’ve only spoken once or twice in the last six months and it was literally just small talk, you’re not coming because you’re not a close friend. You are an acquaintance.


The influencer said “every man for himself” but frames with Mr & Mrs are not for her.

She said, “I know it might sound really bitchy and really mean, but I don’t care about shitty picture frames with Mr and Mrs on it.

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“I never liked it. I don’t think I ever will. I think they’re sticky.”


The mother-of-one explained: ‘Children are welcome, but only if parents make a conscious effort to ensure children are under control.

“You have to keep your children on a leash because it’s not fair, they could run into waiters or fall over them or trip over them and then cry and get hurt.

“Nobody needs that stress. So if you can’t keep your kids on a leash, get a babysitter.

She suggested calling a babysitter before nine o’clock at night because the children are tired.

Lauren added: “I have a child, I know what it’s like when you take it out.”


the influencer insists that there should be no bare feet on the dance floor.

She said: “No bare feet on the dance floor. I just think it’s disgusting. Put on your shoes, get a pair of ballet flats. I could even provide flip flops.

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“Take your nasty ass warts and put them away.”

Meanwhile, a wedding planner explains that there are plenty of common things you shouldn’t worry about on the big day and five inexpensive things to do.

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