Kate Beckinsale wears a pink babydoll dress with ‘Galentine’

Kate Beckinsale spent some time rocking in a pink babydoll dress with her “Galentine,” and the actress shared the fun on Instagram. In a post on the social media site, Beckinsale and her friend, actress/creator Nina Kate, wore matching outfits selkie dress up while hanging out, coloring together and doing light choreography to hardcore metal.

In her post, Beckensale wrote that she and Kate were “absolutely galentining the f— Sunday.” Kate, for her message, wrote: “Galentines all Sunday afternoon with [Kate Beckinsale]. It’s no coincidence that we bought each other [Selkie] dresses up for Christmas without knowing it.” In the videos shared by the two women, they could be heard performing with Kublai Khan TX, a heavy metal band from Sherman, Texas. In one clip, the women synced to lips with the band’s song “The Hammer” while doing a dance, and in another they listened to it while coloring.

The posts received quite a few comments, with one person writing to Beckinsale: “You are so cute together. 😂 I love your videos with [Kate]. She seems like a really good person.” Someone else added “My ankles broke just looking at these shoes you got some serious skills ladies.” One end user wrote: “I’m in love with those pretty pink dresses!!”

Kublai Khan TX was formed in 2009 and released their debut EP in 2010. To date, the band has released four studio albums, including 2017’s. Nomadic, which features the track Beckinsale was filming in his Instagram post. The band’s latest album, Absolutecame in 2019, and on April 1, the band will release a new EP, titled lowest animal form, via Rise Records. The first single from the EP is “Swan Song”, and it features guest vocals from Terror frontman Scott Vogel. “Swan Song” is an overwhelmingly heavy song that deals with even heavier topics, including sexual assault and human trafficking.

‘Swan Song’ chronicles many of life’s harshest realities – both from afar and from close to home,” Kublai Khan TX singer Matthew Honeycutt said in a press release about the single. “Seeing the mental and physical harm of the sex trade in every corner and pocket of the United States – most of it remains unnamed and unrecognized. For what it’s worth, we seek to share a single story: to reflect the thousands of lives lost in the ruthless system that operates, tirelessly, day and night.”

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