Kid Cudi proves gendered fashion doesn’t exist in 2021

If you don’t know Kid Cudi, chances are you know some of the artists he inspired: Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Travis Scott… The rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor from 37 years old is one of the most enigmatic and influential musicians in modern music, famous for his emotional and introspective voice and his iconic “Cudi hum”.

He was also one of the most innovative fashion celebrities on the planet. Cudi has always been a trailblazer, especially when it comes to blurring the lines between menswear and womenswear – and especially in 2021.

Cudi (real name Scott Mescudi) made headlines earlier this year in September when he wore two very quirky outfits to two back-to-back style events: pairing a Nirvana t-shirt and a long black skirt on the ground at New York Fashion Week, then green hair, dark eye makeup and another long skirt to the Met Gala.

Her latest outfit, however, is the most eye-catching. Cudi attended the CFDA Fashion Awards last week in what can only be described as a cross between bridal and groom attire: an ankle-length wedding dress paired with a white blazer; lace gloves, tights and veil; Louis Vuitton sneakers and dark eye makeup – which contrasted with Cudi’s hair, which he had dyed bright red for the occasion.

It was by far the most talked about outfit of the night – no small feat, considering the fashion and stardom of the event – and suggests that 2021 may well be the the death knell of gendered fashion.

Image: Richard Masao

Cudi’s dress was designed by Eli Russell Linnetz, a Californian designer best known for designing the iconic floating stage Kanye West used on his Pablo’s life tour, as well as his collaborations with artists like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. (Cudi and Kanye are close associates and friends, and form the KIDS SEE GHOSTS supergroup).

It’s a provocative outfit for sure, but it shows more than any other gender outfit we’ve seen this year is that wearing women’s clothing doesn’t have to come at the expense of your. masculinity (something that many men still struggle to conceive of). Cudi looks solid as hell – we pity the idiot who would try to tell Cudder he’s some kind of sissy in this crisis.

Cudi isn’t the only traditionally male male celebrity to wear skirts and dresses recently. Stars as diverse as Dan Levy, Harry Styles, Lewis Hamilton, Lil Nas X, Pete Davidson and Russell Westbrook all took part in the womenswear action in 2021.

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Granted, it’s not for everyone, but this trend; it breaks down the barriers of gendered fashion, definitely looks here to stay. Earlier this year, DMARGE spoke with a stylist and fashion expert based in Byron Bay. Jeff Lacks, who, despite her doubts about the commercial viability of genderless fashion, admits it’s a “cool talking point.”

“There just isn’t a lot of market for it. The men are not ready yet … That said, there is definitely a double standard. Some of the female celebrities this year who have worn men’s suits and pants have been absolutely fantastic. “

Left to right: Kid Cudi at New York Fashion Week, and again at the 2021 Met Gala. Images: Getty

Cudi is no stranger to criticism when it comes to her fashion choices, but history has proven her sartorial instincts have always been perfect.

In 2009, Cudi was vilified for wearing skinny jeans at a time when no other rapper would dare to wear something so “emo” – but skinny jeans are all the rage these days. In 2010, he wore a kilt to a New Years party and was ridiculed for it. Now the kilts are cool. In 2014 he performed in a crop top. Since then, all kinds of men, from Troye Sivan to Zac Efron, have been spotted wearing them. You get the picture.

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All we’ll say is keep an eye out for what Cudi wears next. It could be the next big thing.

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