Kids’ Clothing Exchange prepares students for school

HILL CITY, SD — Community members hosted a children’s clothing swap with Love INC. and the Little White Church held at the Hill City Center.

Residents could donate school-age children’s clothing for people to look at and take away for free.

“It’s pretty much to get ready for school since things have been tough lately — gas prices and things are getting expensive. We just wanted to do something that could take the stress off our community and help them get off to a good start in school,” said Abby Cutler, Kids’ Clothing Exchange Coordinator.

Volunteers also helped set up the center for the event and say they went through around 50 boxes of clothes.

There was a range of clothing from newborn to adult X-large, and there was a color-coded system for girls, boys, women, and men. There was also an activity table to entertain the kids while the parents rummaged through the clothes.

The idea came to the other coordinator, Elise Rowe, after a missionary trip to Oklahoma.

“Here, we do the same kind of things. They have a clothes truck and they do it in a different way. They have like a storage place and they are full time, doing this several times like every week. said Rowe. “We thought we could bring something to our community since we’re trying to learn things there and bring them back.”

Being in the new city center, the young people of the youth group helped the people of the church and the community.

There was also a voluntary donation that “buyers” could contribute to.

“I really think it brings our community together and it just shows that this little little community still cares about each other and wants to help each other,” Cutler said.

When people who participated signed up, this was then put into a design for a large plush dog.

After 8 p.m., if there were clothes left, people took them to a thrift store to donate.

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