Kim Kardashian reportedly felt “zero pressure” from Pete Davidson to dress in designer outfits

Kim kardashian appreciates his relationship with Pierre Davidson for a reason some might not expect – she may just be herself. The laid-back comedian doesn’t expect the founder of SKIMS to be decked out in couture threads every moment of the day, which is quite different from the ex Kanye west, who expected every public outing to be a fashion show.

“She’s super happy and relaxed with him. Pete is super humble, down to earth, ”a source said. Sixth page. “He doesn’t care about appearances or being cool. With Pete, Kim feels no pressure to be anything other than herself. It’s a 180-degree turn from the West, which prides itself on transforming whoever it’s dating (Hello Julia Fox!) in its ideal image. The founder of Yeezy was able to transform Kardashian into the celebrity that fashion houses have been crying out for to dress, but it’s likely that she didn’t want to be in designer clothes every second of the day.

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It’s Davidson’s “ingrained” life that appeals to the reality TV star – if she wants to wear tracksuits, the Saturday Night Live star is not going to make a big deal out of it. On the flip side, West enjoyed being married to the “Kim Kardashian” audience without giving her the freedom to shed that behind-the-scenes image, which we imagine completely exhausting.

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Davidson is doing his best to show his new love that he’s serious about their blossoming romance and “he refuses to screw everything up“, According to a Hollywood life The source. With the powerful combination of Kardashian having the flexibility to let his guard down and the laid-back actor stepping up to show his maturity, it might not just be a rebound adventure for the two of them. While we don’t know if this has the legs to lead to marriage, it does seem like the perfect relationship to bounce back from after marrying West.

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