Kim Kardashian was seen in a Prada dress

Kim Kardashian was recently spotted at Milan Fashion Week. There are many brands on behalf of the fashion world that not only rule their home country but also the whole world. From Gucci to Louis Vuitton to Prada, we’ve seen how they take fashion to a different level.

To promote their brand in the fashion world, these luxury clothing brands give their faces to big celebrities. If we consider any best celebrity, we have one of the Kardashian sisters on our list and that is Kim Kardashian.

After all the drama that surrounded Kim Kardashian, she never left herself once for remorse. What she does is focus as much as possible on her work and her fashion.

Recently, this 41-year-old established woman and model was spotted in a very unique Prada dress. She uploaded her look to her Instagram account on February 27, 2022. She uploaded 3 photos and tagged Prada in them.

A close look at Kim Kardashian’s attire


Kim Kardashian was seen in a parrot outfit. She wore a high-necked top in a light green color like a parrot’s and wore very long pants. To keep her pants at her waist, she opted for chunky heels. She also wore a very long oversized gray leather jacket. To maintain her look, she applied perfect makeup.

Her hair was neatly tied back in a bun. She was seen wearing brown glasses which matched her style perfectly. In the caption, she only wrote 2 words, and those words are “showtime”.

Just a day before this dress, she was also seen wearing Prada for the event. She was seen wearing the same type of pants she wore at the event. She wore long pants and matched them with long heels.

Her hair was tied back in a bun again and her glasses totally matched her look. She uploaded five photos of this dress to Instagram. One of the photos was taken on the balcony and you can see the sun and buildings in the background which enhances the look.

From model to mother, Kim Kardashian has never quit her job at any cost. She knows how to handle the drama she is going through and also work patiently with the children as well as her daily routine. She has yet to respond when it comes to Pete Davidson’s departure from Instagram.

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