Local sisters’ clothing line featured at Target stores | News

ATLANTA (CBS46) — On the first day of Black History Month, CBS46 presents two Atlanta siblings who created a fashionable way to celebrate every day of the year.

Kim and Keyondra Lockett are sisters and the beauty and mastermind behind the clothing brand Jolie Noire, which means pretty black in French. The Locketts have built their brand to represent all shades and sizes of black women and men. The dynamic duo live in Atlanta and they’ve spent nearly three years building their Jolie Noire brand.

“We saw there were illustration t-shirts that could have a black person on them. Like out of maybe 10 there was a black one and then the size range just wasn’t there , so we searched high and low for something like that in other spaces and I couldn’t find it there either, so we decided to create what we didn’t see,” said Kim Lockett.

“They have a special message, whether it’s through typography or graphics, the message is that black women are beautiful from light to dark, we are beautiful,” says Keyondra.

The Jolie Noire clothing images and posts caught the attention of mega-retailer, Target.

“Target actually reached out to us. At first we didn’t believe it, we were like, ‘Is this spam? This isn’t real, is this real?'” Kim said.

Shoppers can now find Jolie Noire sweatshirts, joggers and t-shirts on the shelves of Target stores in metro Atlanta for Black History Month.

“It just shows you that having a great brand behind you attracts everyone and we appreciate that,” Keyondra added.

Jolie Noire was designed to be inclusive, not exclusive.

“We want to be just as inclusive as an Audrey Hepburn on a T-shirt or a Marilyn Monroe on a T-shirt. We want to wear and understand the importance of blackness and know and normalize that black beauty is also the true beauty,” Kim said.

You can find the Jolie Noire clothing line right now at Target stores across Georgia, and the Lockett sisters promise more designs are on the way.

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