Longford fashion in the spotlight as ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ raises €25,600 for amputees in Bosnia and Herzegovina

About 230 lovely ladies from surrounding counties attended Margaret McEntee’s fundraising event.

Margaret is the owner of Chic Beauty Salon in Longford and a trustee of the Arthur McCluskey Foundation. Her previous fundraising events included ‘Stars in Their Eyes’, ‘Concerts in Longford Cathedral’, ‘10,000 Steps’ and ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ raised almost €55,000 to support the Miracles Prosthetic Limb Clinic in Mostar.

On May 1, €25,000 was collected by Margaret and her committee. This would not be possible without the generosity of attendees and local businesses and individuals who sponsor the event with cash donations or contributions to auctions and raffles.
The auction on May 1 raised €5,500 and the raffle €2,800, which testifies to the quality of these donations.

The Arthur McCluskey Foundation was founded in 2004 to alleviate poverty and advance education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although the Yugoslav war of 1992 – 1995 ended almost 30 years ago, life is a real struggle for many people. Poverty is widespread, especially for amputees who live on the margins of society.

The government does not provide prostheses to children born without limbs. They also do not provide limbs to civilians who lose limbs to weapons of war, such as landmines and grenades, or to civilians who lose limbs to accidents or illness.

As there are still around 80,000 landmines in the ground, many more people will lose their lives and limbs. Mines are plastic and therefore very difficult for demining program personnel to detect.

The Divita Miracles Clinic in Mostar is the only facility where these amputees can receive free limbs.
The Clinic depends entirely on donations and fundraising events to support these people. A well-adjusted limb enables many amputees to find work, support their families and take their place in society. The reality is that limbs wear out depending on the lifestyle of the user and need to be replaced.

The beautifully dressed ladies were greeted with a glass of champagne and then enjoyed an excellent meal.

This was followed by a fashion show by Aine Farrell of ‘Aine’s Boutique’ and Louise Brennan of ‘Fabiani’ showing stock from their Longford boutiques.

As always, Gerry Brady was a superb MC and proved once again that he lacked his vocation as a comedian!

A very welcome addition to the event were six lovely Ukrainian ladies who are currently staying at the Longford Arms.

They were guests of the directors of the charity and received a warm, Irish welcome. They were assured of our support and our prayers for an end to the war.

With your help, Margaret has raised over €81,000 through fundraising over the years. The funds are greatly appreciated by clinic staff and amputees in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Membership is provided free of charge, but the clinic is entirely dependent on donations and fundraising.

A well-adjusted limb enables many amputees to work, earn money for their families and take their place in society. A simple leg prosthesis below the knee costs around €2,500.

If readers want to help amputees, it’s not too late. There are currently 33 urgent cases on the clinic’s waiting list and approximately 1,600 people requiring limbs.

Parts can only be ordered by the Clinic when they have funds in their account.

Can you help ? The gift of a limb to an amputee changes their life. Please visit: www.arthurmc.com and click on the “Donate Now” button. You can donate in £ or € by cards or PayPal. Alternatively, you can transfer money directly to our account or send checks – all information is on the donation page. You can check “Ladies Who Lunch” or “Prosthetic Limbs” in the dropbox menu.

Margaret’s fellow directors would like to thank her and those who helped plan this incredible event.

They would also like to thank the management and staff of the Breffni Arms Hotel, the musicians Niall & John Gormley and Fulton who provided the Prosecco, Aine and Louise for their excellent fashion show and all the glamorous women who made the day so special .

Please visit the Arthur McCluskey Foundation website to learn more about their projects – home renovations, student sponsorship, support for orphans, drug addicts, victims of abuse, and more. 100% of all donations received by the Arthur McCluskey Foundation reach projects and people in need. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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