Lorraine Kelly admits she went up two dress sizes by ‘eating comfortably’ during the pandemic

Lorraine wants to put her little red dress back on and go from a size 14 to a size 10

Lorraine Kelly admits she went up two dress sizes during the pandemic

Lorraine Kelly is trying to get back into her pre-pandemic clothes after going up two dress sizes.

The 62-year-old TV star is a new ambassador for WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers.

The presenter started working with the company after going up two dress sizes during the pandemic – from a size 10 to a 14 – and she tells us it’s the brand’s custom app, which is takes care of your mind and fitness as well as your diet, which really appeals to her this time.

“I did Weight Watchers decades ago and it really worked for me,” she says.

“But we’ve evolved so much [since then] and it’s not about weight, it’s about the whole body.

Lorraine Kelly joined WW to lose the extra weight she gained during lockdown



Explaining why she’s keen to get back in shape, she said: “During the pandemic I started eating comfortably and that was my downfall – that and not being able to go to my fitness classes.

“I wanted to eat things that I would never normally bother with, like muffins, croissants and donuts.

“All the things you know you shouldn’t have, but you think make you feel better, but they don’t.

“So slowly, slowly, slowly over the past two years I’ve gone from a size 10 to a size 14.”

Lorraine says she doesn’t feel her best at her current height and has a red dress she desperately wants to get back into.

“Everyone says, ‘But you look good! And yes, I look good, but I don’t feel good,'” she said.

“I definitely don’t have that much energy, because the more you do, the more you have, and the classes really gave me that. So I needed a little bit of help, and that’s what WW gave me.

“It’s so updated now, it’s all on the app. It’s very easy and everything is tailored to you. You don’t even have to weigh yourself if you don’t want to.”

She wants to put her little red dress back on


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Lorraine says she has “a belly” and bigger butt since she gained weight.

“I wanted to wear my favorite red dress as I went to a big ITV event, so I thought, ‘Oh, I’m just going to try this.

“No chance! It’s not even that it didn’t button up, it didn’t even go over my thighs. Before the pandemic, I would have put myself in it and felt good.

“So I ended up wearing a stretchy black dress and I looked absolutely fine, but I didn’t feel great.

“There was also the occasion when I was talking to the boys from The Wanted on my show and a button popped off my dress during the interview.

“I almost gouged out their eye! It was hilarious and I didn’t expose myself, but those poor young men! I thought, ‘I have to pull myself together.'”

Lorraine blames the pandemic and the change in her daily routine for gaining weight.

Lorraine watch what she eats


Daily check-in)

“Even though I was lucky enough to go to work every day, all of our routines went a little awry,” she said.

“Looking back on the last two years, it’s like a big stain because we haven’t had any weddings or things that punctuate the year.

“I would come home from work and take the dog out for an hour, but I didn’t have any of my fitness classes.

“I don’t cook at all because I’m a trash cook, although my husband is awesome. But he was cooking these elaborate curries with huge portions. And then sweets in the evening. It was just a comforting meal, a comfort food, comfort food.”3

Lorraine is now using WW’s little tweaks to improve her diet.

“Every woman who’s ever dieted knows that dieting doesn’t work,” she said.

“You’re not going to eat cabbage for the rest of your life! I love curries, but what I do now is use recipes from the WW app. You just cook them from a different way or use different ingredients.

“So it’s just small adjustments. But the most important thing to me is not where you are in the world or your weight. It’s about how you feel.

“Over the past two years, there have been times when I’ve woken up and thought, ‘Oh my God, this is a little too much!’ So it’s also about mindfulness, it’s not about conforming to someone else’s idea of ​​what’s beautiful, it’s about conforming to what you feel.

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