Lorraine Kelly ‘can fit into’ her wedding dress 30 years later after losing 1.5 stone

For someone who’s been up since 5am to get ready for her ITV morning talk show, there’s a sharp look to Lorraine Kelly when we catch up with her.

With his hair piled high, the 62-year-old broadcaster speaks on Zoom from the back of a car on the way home from ITV’s London studio.

She’s just as engaging as she is when interviewing her own guests, and she’s beaming – and we have a feeling her recent lifestyle overhaul has something to do with her extra sparkle.

Since embarking on a healthy living program with WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers, in January, she has not only dropped two dress sizes – a stone and a half weight loss – but she also says she got her mojo back.

“I was 11 stone 10 when I started and now I have 10 stone three,” she tells us.

Lorraine Kelly has revealed she can put her wedding dress back on after 30 years following her 1.5 stone weight loss

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As difficult as it may be for someone who exudes such confidence on TV, the Scottish TV star had turned down red carpet invites because her self-confidence was so low.

The lockdown slump had taken its toll with nights spent browsing ever-increasing amounts of chocolate and a few glasses of wine.

Breakfasts were croissants or rolls to take away. But since Lorraine has focused more on eating well and living well, she says her zest for life has returned.

As well as the health benefits, her weight loss has also enriched her relationship – her husband Steve Smith noticing an increase in her energy levels – and even their dogs are reaping the benefits, as she now takes them for long walks. to crown his work. daytime.

Here, Lorraine, who is the mother of 28-year-old journalist daughter Rosie Smith, explains how a few lifestyle changes mean she’s ready for anything, including putting on her wedding dress from 30 years ago year…

The presenter worked with WW and embarked on a healthy lifestyle
The presenter worked with WW and embarked on a healthy lifestyle

Lorraine, we have to say, you are gorgeous!

Ah thank you. It’s so nice to wear clothes that I really want and not just wear baggy shirt dresses and try to cover up.

It made life much easier. I know I wasn’t the only one gaining weight during the pandemic. I think a lot of us ate comfort food.

You have lost a stone and a half of weight. How has this made a difference for you?

I have certainly regained my joy of living. It improved my confidence tremendously. I feel like I can handle anything right now. Just got invited to this wonderful opera with my daughter and probably wouldn’t have done this before but now I go to everything and it’s fantastic.

I relish these experiences. I went to the Baftas a few weeks ago and it was the first time in a long time that I felt like I could enjoy the evening and hand out an award without thinking ‘Oh, I’m not feeling well’ or ‘I can’t find anything more suitable.

The 62-year-old says her energy levels have improved since making lifestyle and diet changes, with husband Steve Smith telling her: "i got you back"
The 62-year-old says her energy levels have improved since changing her lifestyle and diet, with husband Steve Smith telling her: ‘I’ll take you back’

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Has your husband noticed a difference in your attitude?

Steve says, “I got you back,” because my energy level has improved. I’m up for doing stuff now whereas before, on the weekends, I was cleaning up and then collapsing in front of the TV.

Before, I used to walk the dogs for half an hour – now I can disappear with them for two hours.

It was good too, because Steve loves cooking and he loves cooking with more flavor and doing a lot more things with vegetables. On Sundays, he prepares me a huge pot of vegetable and chilli soup and it will last me every lunchtime until the middle of the week.

So even though he is not part of the program, he has certainly benefited from it. None of us eat huge plates of chocolate every night now.

Has this made you consider renewing your vows when you celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary in September?

[Laughs] Well, I could put on my wedding dress now… Maybe I should do that for our anniversary. Oh my God no ! I think we will have a party but we won’t have another ceremony. We would laugh too much.

The Scottish star says she has found her will to live again and feels more confident
Scottish star says she’s got a taste for life again and feels more confident

What was the trigger that made you join WW?

It was a combination of things. I definitely abused Christmas, like we all do. I found that a size 14 became too tight.

To be honest, I should have gone for a size 16 but I thought, “No, I don’t really want to do that.

And there’s nothing wrong with being a size 16 – our models [on Lorraine] are a size 16 – if that’s what you’re supposed to be and if you’re happy or healthy.

But I am convinced that each of us has a combat weight, in other words, a height and a dress size where we feel our best. For me, my fighting weight is a size 10. Being a size 16 is not healthy for me. It’s not good, because my self-esteem is going down and I don’t have self-confidence.

What did you eat?

It was complete comfort to eat. I would start with a few tiny little chocolate chunks mid-week and before I knew it it was a huge amount – whole packets of chocolate.

Then I’d have a few glasses of wine on a school night, which you can’t do when you get up at 5 a.m. It was not a concern. They were just little ones but it all adds up.

Lorraine is mum to Rosie, 28, with husband Steve
Lorraine is mum to Rosie, 28, with husband Steve

How has the weight gain affected you?

There were events that I turned down because I thought, “I’m not going to do it. I would have found an excuse and said no.

My husband always thinks I’m adorable and, you know, they don’t see your big butt and belly.

But you know within yourself how you feel. It’s a question of self-confidence. It’s intimidating on those red carpets. I’m not good at this. It’s part of the job
but it’s annoying.

I always watch Amanda Holden and she’s so good at standing, but I never know where to stand.

What changes have you made to your diet?

It’s not about cutting things out completely, but together with the Weight Watcher points you get each day, it makes you much more aware of what you’re eating.

So instead of chocolate plates every night, I’ll have things like tangerines, oranges, and maybe a handful of small nuts.

And I love cutting up a banana and having it with some of their own WW hazelnut spread. It’s like a very healthy Nutella! I’ll still have chocolate one weekend, but maybe not as much.

How has it improved your mental health?

It takes a lot to upset me, but during the pandemic, I found myself waking up at night and worrying.

The plan also helps with exercise and sleep. I sleep much better and make sure to remove my devices from my bedroom which I think helps. I feel like the old me is back.

Join Lorraine on her journey at #joinLorraine and visit ww.com/uk/ambassadors/lorraine-kelly to get 50% off today. For more information or details on how to join WW, visit ww.com/uk.

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