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“What to wear to a wedding? is probably a question you’ll soon be considering (if you haven’t already). After a two-year hiatus, in-person celebrations are back, and extravagant wedding dress trends are proof that the sartorial bar has been raised for brides and wedding guests. Still, anticipation doesn’t make choosing what to wear easy, especially if the wedding card comes with a specific dress code. Semi-formal, black tie, festive or tropical? What exactly do these wedding dress codes mean?

There is a range of dress styles you can adopt to make an appropriate and memorable entrance. Although black tie is the most common wedding attire, ambiguous terms such as “semi-formal” or “dress casual” are sometimes thrown into the mix, adding to the confusion over what really makes a wedding style choice. acceptable. It’s also normal to wonder whether or not you can wear white to a wedding. To this question, the short answer is no, out of respect for the bride. That said, there are several ways to incorporate white into your look without competing with the bride.

The best way to establish a wedding dress code is to ask the bride as soon as you receive the invitation. You can even share some options as you narrow down your choices. If that’s not an option – let’s say you’re someone’s plus-one without direct access – you can also research the wedding venue to get an idea of ​​the wedding style and acceptable dress code. Does the ceremony take place by the beach? So maybe a chic satin midi dress or a crocheted silhouette will go perfectly with the background. If it’s in a garden, a chic cocktail dress will probably do the trick. These subtle clues can help you make an appropriate choice.

What if there is no wedding dress code?

In rare cases, no dress code is indicated on the wedding invitation. In this case, rely on contextual clues to choose your outfit, whether it’s the location, the time of the ceremony or the design of the invitation. When in doubt, a midi dress or classic suit is a surefire choice for any occasion.

What shouldn’t I wear to a wedding as a guest?

Wearing white to a wedding is rarely, if ever, acceptable unless the couple explicitly writes “white attire” in the wedding invitation. Also, avoid overly revealing or flamboyant clothes that could steal the show from the bride. Jeans and sneakers are almost always too casual for the occasion, even if the dress code says “dress casual” or even “casual”.

Ahead, learn about the different types of wedding attire (i.e. formal, black tie, cocktail, tropical, and festive). Get ready to be the best dressed guest at the wedding with our guide to the most common wedding dress codes.

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