MISHKA Luxury Dog Boutique selling famous dog cakes made from tender meat patty inside a thin and delicate glaze made from freshly squeezed vegetable juice or coconut milk

The story of two childhood best friends, an immigrant, owned and operated a small but very famous dog business in San Francisco.

Chef and co-owner Elzara Seitoplaeva proudly shares her unique Healthy Dog Cakes and the very special service we provide here at Mishka Dog Boutique.

MISHKA cakes are unlike any other dog treat on the market. Our cakes are made from a soft pâté, coated with a fine glaze made from organic vegetable juice and agar agar, then topped with a pinch of 24 carat edible gold. Dogs love our MISHKA cakes and dog owners love that our treats are perfect for even the most sensitive dog stomachs. We are incredibly proud that all of our treats have been approved by the California Department of Public Health and certified by the FDA. Elastase says traditional dog cakes are typically made from grains, fillers, peanut butter, and other ingredients that aren’t good for dogs. MISHKA has disrupted the status quo with our unique designs and recipes. There has simply never been anything quite like MISHKA in the pet food world.

Elzara and OlIa say their first Mishka store opened in San Francisco in July 2019. Initially opening with just MISHKA Cakes, we quickly added handmade clothing, accessories and other goodies to our own collection. Things have only gotten better for us and we are now preparing to start the national expedition. MISHKA will soon be an international brand with our next location opening soon in Los Angeles. 2021 was rich in incredible events, we had a successful collaboration with a Hermès Paris. The MISHKAs were featured in three Hermès boutiques, in San Francisco Seattle and the world-famous flagship store in New York.

We are also the bronze winner in the “Maverick of the Year” nomination according to the Stieve Awards Woman in Business.

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Company Name: Michka
Contact: Elzara Seitoplaeva
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 9174990420
The country: United States
Website: https://mishkacakes.com/

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