‘Prom Closet’ offers free boutique experience to high school students – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Volunteers organized dresses, shoes, bags and jewelry inside what is usually a worship hall at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church in Plano. For the next two weeks, it’s “Prom Closet.”

“Over 4,000 dresses to choose from,” said Kay Richardson, a volunteer at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church. “Each dress on its own can cost hundreds of dollars, and then you start thinking about all the accessories, shawls, purses, purses, and jewelry, and it’s all free here.”

Everything is free for any high school student who goes to the prom and wants to shop in the church’s pop-up shop.

“We’re really here to uplift them and make them feel special,” Richardson said. “So when they leave here, they feel like Cinderella about to go to the ball.”

There are rows of pink curtained dressing rooms with statements on the mirrors.

“This one says, ‘You are capable of amazing things!’,” said St. Andrews United Methodist Church hospitality and communications director Jordan Wonsmos. “She is transitioning from a child to a young woman, and she is about to step out into the world. This is a very meaningful and special time.”

For young women, and the volunteers who help them.

“They come here thinking I’m going to help somebody,” Richardson said. “But they’re leaving and they’ve been changed because of their experience they had with these young women.”

The Prom Closet has something for everyone; short and long dresses, in sizes from zero to 30.

“We really hope they know there are people who love them and care about them in this world,” Richardson said.

The Prom Closet is open for two weeks this year. As a COVID precaution to limit the number of people in the shop at any given time, purchases are by appointment only. They welcome new volunteers.

If you would like to make an appointment to purchase a prom dress, click here.

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