Queen Esther’s Diary Offers Herbal Soaps and Cozy Fashion at Euclid

October 15—Shelena Racquel recalls taking the plunge to invest in her business after prayers while pregnant with her second son.

In 2013, she will then return to school on the Atlanta campus of the American Intercontinental University where she will obtain a bachelor’s degree in marketing and fashion design. Racquel said that after much hard work and tribulation, she was able to open Queen Esther’s Diary in 2015 in hopes of bringing comfortable fashion and healthier living to the Euclid community.

Queen Esther’s Diary is a pop-up shop located in the Shore Cultural Center at 291 E. 222nd St in Euclid. He works to create unique and comfortable clothes as well as herbal remedies to improve the health of customers.

“What Diary of Queen Esther does is specialize in beautiful women’s clothing, but with the fashion items I create, I focus heavily on how they feel. I’m very aware of that, not just how they look,” Racquel said. “It’s the fashion aspect and their aesthetic beauty, but also how they feel when you put the fabric on. I host a combination of items that are outsourced but also design to meet that need.”

During her journey to create the store’s various brands of herbal soaps, Racquel said she has reviewed commercial soap brands and often found that they use harmful chemicals that damage or dry out the skin. skin. As a result, she started researching alternative soaps that would be made with natural ingredients with healthy effects.

“Each soap starts with an herb and what it’s used for. I’m very careful about what I put on my skin and what I sell because each ingredient should have a beneficial effect on the body,” Racquel said. “People forget that whatever you put on your skin gets into your bloodstream in 15 seconds. Our skin is our largest organ, and we need to give it the care it needs; it doesn’t matter what you put on. on your skin and what’s going on in your skin.

“The soap I create can cover a variety of different health issues, from antifungal to helping with heart issues.”

The shop has many versions, from their Frankincense and Myrrh soap which has antifungal properties, to their Ruth and Boaz soap which helps moisturize dry, chapped skin, Racquel says.

Raquel said her faith is intrinsically tied to everything she does in her business, and her primary focus is helping people find their own path in life. Also, the name of her shop inspired by the biblical story of Queen Esther.

“People who have used my products have told me that our soaps have cured them of whatever ails them, which is so nice to hear,” she said. “My goal is for people to find inspiration in my shop to go out and fulfill their God-given purpose.”

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