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Actor Ranveer Singh’s nude photos published last week in “Paper”, an American pop culture magazine, sparked many comments on the internet, a clothing drive in Indore and an FIR in Mumbai. While in public he remains silent, well advised by his lawyers, in private, the star is perhaps not frankly unhappy.

Just the day before the FIR was filed, he kissed Mumbai’s advertising and marketing experts at the International Advertising Association Awards where he won the IAAA Brand Endorser of the Year award.

Few modern stars understand the importance of the brand as well as Ranveer Singh. The star who does not belong to any cinematographic family has risen to the top of the hierarchy thanks to her talent, her famous energy and her keen sense of fashion.

So what does Ranveer, often featured in the fashion press for his baroque style, tell us when he opts for austere minimalism?

A product of the Insta era, it understands the power of digital media – where images, videos, reels trump everything else. He used fashion, his

choice of flamboyant clothes with striking effect. He dresses in mind-blowing colors, feminine silhouettes, OTT sneakers, big diamond earrings, has made accessories (including a resounding Marshall Acton Bluetooth boombox), ensuring his photos are the first choice of editors of fashion and entertainment.

Singh, through his fashion, heralded the arrival of a new-age man. In ‘Bajirao Mastani’ he was bald, mustachioed and styled in flared dhotis, nipple-bearing angrakhas and wearing as much jewelry as the film’s female characters.

His hyper masculinity carries with it undertones of androgynous appeal. Wasp

muslin garments aimed as much at the female gaze as at that of the homosexual male.

It was only last week that Brad Pitt stepped out in a skirt, Ranveer was doing this version a while ago, combining lehengas with a bandhgala. Its designer at the time, Sabyasachi, once told me in an interview: “In India, where patriarchy rules everything, women are the biggest victim. But we must not forget that many men are also victims of patriarchy. In traditional joint families, rules and roles

have been decided for men. Men shouldn’t cry, shouldn’t show emotion, they shouldn’t show weakness. Ranveer gives these men the courage to break free.

In 2015 Sabya predicted that a decade later more and more men would dress as Ranveer Singh dressed then. Brad, right?

With odd timing, Ranveer Singh played bisexual king Allaudin Khilji in ‘Padmaavat’ with a touch of bravery as India’s Supreme Court decriminalized homosexuality in 2018, his androgynous clothes and peacock-like fashion also paid homage to feminism at a time when the sisters needed it most. Labels like Gucci and Dior have transformed menswear into dandy attire, offering a huge pushback to preconceived notions of masculinity.

Kim Jones’ Dior man wore pearl earrings, rosettes and elbow-length velvet gloves. Gucci menswear by Alessandro Michele borrows from womenswear with large floral prints. The hashtag MeToo has given birth to a new man in fashion: a dandy divorced from ideas of violence and sexism.

In his personal life too, Ranveer devotedly and forcefully professed his admiration for the beauty and talent of his wife Deepika Padukone. It’s such a rarity in macho Bollywood where traditionally girlfriends or wives of actresses had to take a back seat so their partners could shine more.

Ranveer, who isn’t afraid to share the spotlight, once again displays her fearlessness and confidence by posing in the buff. Clothes don’t make the man, he announces to the world. Don’t be surprised if you see a toned down, more serious version of Ranveer Singh in a world that has emerged from the pandemic a bit darker and as Bollywood struggles to recast the hero in a more macho vein. In all likelihood, the spotlight will now be on her talent more than her clothes. It’s a newly born Ranveer that you saw in ‘Paper’.

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