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This world is full of hurtful words and callous people. People need to build thick skin, especially women. They should ignore the things that are said about them despite how much it might hurt them.

It would be nice if I could walk to the bars after getting ready for a fun night out with friends without worrying about being hassled. I’ve never understood what is so fun about lashing out at women. I could laugh like a failed attempt to deal with a hissing or screaming, but that becomes the only reason I leave the bar early. This is also the reason why I wore an oversized hoodie to class the next day.

For those who are daring enough to make comments directly to a woman, those comments are just as damaging. Despite the intention of a compliment, it’s not as charming as you might think to comment on female body parts.

Also, telling a woman her clothes are distracting is disrespectful. Instead of telling a woman that her outfit is distracting, try to focus on what you’re supposed to be focusing on.

I guess the American school system is partly responsible for the way women are supposed to dress. Schools prohibit girls from wearing shorts that stick out of our fingers and shirts that expose our shoulders. This restriction on clothing shaped my dress style and still affects it to this day. I can see how society is shaped by this restriction as well, including the opposite sex on which it was not imposed.

The boys grow up spending eight hours a day in a school where the girls don’t wear anything provocative. In the real world, women will show off their stomachs, shoulders, and wear shorter shorts. Strict dress codes for women might not teach men how to behave in women’s clothes, but that’s no excuse for disgusting behavior.

My mom warned me that men were going to whistle at me, but she didn’t prepare me for all of society to judge a person’s appearance.

I only started wearing crop tops about a year ago because I’ve always been told I shouldn’t. Crop tops are one of the many different garments that women might question due to the dominant judgment of society. It seems that no matter what we decide to wear, there will always be someone who has something negative to say about it.

Words aren’t even the worst sometimes. Nonverbal cues can express a little more disdain, and I’m guilty of using them occasionally. It only takes one random person to look us up and down with raised eyebrows to shatter the confidence we have gained in the mirror.

Society needs to start being less critical of people and accepting everyone for who they are. In their purest form, people can be amazing. We just have to let people be themselves.

Screams and glares make women uncomfortable, restrictions on women’s clothing are unnecessary, and people need to learn to behave around attractive women.

Women are strong and beautiful people, and they will continue to be so whether people like it or not. Guess it’s about time the world let women be, well, women.

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