Samantha Dexheimer-Ang makes fashion easy and fun with Simply Sam accessories

Stylist and entrepreneur Samantha Dexheimer-Ang

I first met Samantha Dexheimer-Ang when we were in fifth grade at Colegio San Agustin, Makati. Even at 11, I knew she had an unprecedented understanding of fashion and elegance. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when she launched Samantha Dexheimer Designs and recently Simply Sam Accessories.

When asked what inspired her to take this career path, she said: “I have always been fascinated by fashion. Since I was a kid, I watched my mom and grandma dress and make up, and I followed them. when they had a dress made by their favorite designer. I remember sneaking into the back of the shop where the sewers were, and I would just be amazed at how a flat fabric can turn into this beautiful wearable art. “

The vision of Simply Sam Accessories is to make women feel better without having to break the bank.

Another equally amazing part for Samantha was the accessorization, which she sees as “like the spice that you add to complete the fashion recipe. It was just plain enjoyable and really exciting for me. So, from my very beginning. at a young age, I knew I wanted to be in the fashion industry. “

Sam turned that passion into reality when she first launched Samantha Dexheimer Designs while completing her studies in AB Fashion Design and Merchandising at De La Salle College in Saint Benilde.

“Before I even graduated, I had already started making bespoke dresses, mainly focused on wedding dresses and dresses.”

To deepen his understanding of the industry, Sam has also worked for various retail brands such as Tyler, Promod, and Vera Wang Manila. “I only stopped working when I moved in because I wanted to have more time with the family. However, being a housewife doesn’t mean I had to stop my passion for fashion and creativity. continued to design bespoke clothing on the side and also opened up Simply Sam accessories. “

For Sam, fashion is more than a passion, but something important to the women for whom she designs clothes and accessories. “I’ve always loved the idea of ​​how fashion can build a woman’s confidence and be a part of memorable occasions, it really means a lot to me, to be able to help women feel good about themselves. and be at their best. “

When asked what inspired the Simply Sam accessories, she replied, “Fun and thrifty! The vision of Simply Sam Accessories is to make women feel better and better without having to break the bank. amusing. You can wear a simple, basic black t-shirt and be able to achieve different looks by styling it with different and affordable statement accessories. “

She continued, “The inspiration behind my business is simply my passion. I want to share it with other women and be able to let them unleash their creativity and be true to their own style. That’s why Simply Sam offers so many accessory designs from around the world to match different personalities. “

This is especially important during this holiday season as we come out of the second year of lockdown and slowly start seeing our friends and family.

For the holidays, Simply Sam Accessories focuses on all things gold and bold. “It’s been a tough few years for everyone and we’re slowly trying to adjust to it. Life goes on. And because we’ve spent so much time in quarantine, for the holidays, I want our customers to feel like it It was. It’s time to blossom again. Like a coming out party. It doesn’t matter if it’s spent safely at home with family or via Zoom, leave all the worries behind and watch and feel your best! “

Samantha also shares a gold nugget that she hopes will be reflected in her vacation collection: “It’s very important to never forget to love yourself. Our life is gold.”

This golden advice is also anchored in the history of its brand, which has grown even stronger despite the uncertainties of the past two years. “I opened Simply Sam just a few months before the pandemic hit in December 2019. Then in March, [it] hit. Orders were difficult to ship due to containment and sales were down but I didn’t want to give it up. I remember asking my friend if I should just shut it up and she said, ‘Please don’t. It’s nice to see pretty things at least during these times. It helps us forget about the situation, even for a moment. ‘”

This is what motivated Sam to continue. “It reminded me why I love what I do – the opportunity to make others feel good. And for me, that’s more important than profit. It’s extremely rewarding to do that. and so I continued. “

Sam then adapted his business to fit the current reality of life. “I started to come up with ideas on how accessories, trendy earrings, can make you feel like you’re in the new ‘life of Zoom’ by staying true to our vision of making it easy and affordable to look your best even if you choose to be half-dressed! “

When asked what pushed her to keep going, the designer said, “The challenges will always come, and we should always be mentally, physically and emotionally ready to accept this with a positive frame of mind. No matter how hard and how many challenges thrown at us, it’s just part of life and we’re going to get through it. There are times when we feel like we can’t or it’s just too much, it’s just too hard but with the right mindset, humility and faith you stay positive Keep your faith strong, keep your mind on a positive note. “

She thoughtfully added: “Instead of” I can’t “always think,” I can do it, I’m still here despite all the obstacles I’ve encountered before, I don’t see why I can’t do it. this time that too will pass. Humility is also important, we cannot handle everything on our own and it is okay to ask for help or advice. “

Speaking of advice, she reflected on the one she has for entrepreneurs like herself, which her husband has taught her. “There is no success without failure. There is no business without risk, but make sure you focus on your goals, work at it, stay positive, make sure you have done right Your research and go for it. Plus, always, always Plan B, C and D. Don’t let negative reviews fool you, but instead turn them into motivation to do even better. “

For more on Sam and Simply Sam Accessories, you can follow her on Instagram, @simplysamph.

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