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A 28-year-old woman is an aunt to two nieces, and two of her nieces are old enough to be going to prom soon.

Everything about her family right now is kinda crazy, because the proms the girls are going to have are in a few weeks after two weddings and two birthday parties, so there’s a lot of errands she’s going to have to run.

Anyway, one of her nieces named Maya is about the same height as her, so she always let Maya borrow her clothes because they all fit her.

Her second niece Tasha is shorter than Maya and also 5 inches taller than Maya. Maya and Tasha are very close and do absolutely everything with each other.

“I gave Maya a dress to wear to prom, it’s not a traditional prom dress,” she explained. “It’s knee length, very puffy with lots of tulle, purple with shimmering silver polka dots.”

“She wanted it for years, I finally gave it to her, she was in heaven.”

“Tasha was okay with that. Tasha’s mother however called and demanded that I give Tasha one of my bridesmaid’s dresses, I have 3 of them.

She didn’t tell Tasha’s mom about it since she was planning on wearing those dresses again. She also pointed out to Tasha’s mother that Tasha couldn’t even fit into one of the dresses because they were too big for her.

“I don’t want them changed because they are useful to me,” she said. “I spoke to Tasha directly because I’m starting to think she feels left out, she doesn’t. Her mom is just cheap, the dress she wants is around $180.

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