Spanish tourists could be banned from wearing a popular item of clothing in bars

Many people will be traveling to Spain in the coming months and due to the heat some of us will be resorting to thin tops and shorts. Some will even wear a football shirt as it is always important to represent your team.

However, Spanish authorities will clamp down on certain clothing, including football shirts, which means you could be banned from entering bars or restaurants. Business leaders in Playa de Palma say they’ve had enough of the so-called “drunk tourism” and plan to impose a dress code.

A group of restaurants in the resort has clubbed together to impose a new dress code that all tourists must respect or risk being denied access.

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Prohibited clothing includes:

  • Any accessories purchased from peddlers, such as gold chains or glow-in-the-dark hats

The ban applies to eleven restaurants at the moment, all associated with the Palma Beach brand, but more are expected to follow. Venues have placed QR codes at the entrance for customers to check the dress code.

Palma Beach CEO Juanmi Ferrer said: “The situation on public roads is worse now than in 2017, 2018 and 2019. We already consider the lost season in terms of controlling incivilities. We need the support of the authorities because neither the businesses nor the locals can stop it.”

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