Tamannaah looks like a hot wax doll in a purple slit dress

tamannaah bhatia is undeniably one of the hottest actors in the South. The actress’ outfit selections are all brilliant and stunning in quality, from streetwear to cozy or sets to dresses. tamannaah appears to have recently earned a doctorate in mastering coordinate sets and color matching. tamannaah wore a gorgeous outfit at an event last night, and the photographers were there to photograph her. Trans woman Saisha Shinde designed a red and purple slit outfit for the actress.

She wore a purple slit dress with a corset-like off-the-shoulder top and a corset-like off-shoulder top. The crimson and purple mix is ​​undeniably glitzy, and tamannaah chose to block out the color of the look for a bit of fun. She didn’t forget to color her sneakers with a striking collar, opting for multi-colored heels. Moisturizing makeup, smeared lids and peach lipstick completed the starlet’s look. Tamannah made the right decision by keeping her makeup simple and letting her dress take center stage.

She’s in seventh heaven because she had a huge chance to romanticize a megastar in the official remake of the movie “Vedalam” and she will be working under Meher Ramesh for the first time in her ten-year career. She is also anticipating the release of the film ‘F3’ by early 2022 itself.

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