The $ 15 Target Women’s Dress I Wore All Summer


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Every year I start to wonder why we don’t change the name of summer to “dress season”. I have more summer dresses than there are days in the week, but I can’t be the only one who can easily live there from June to September. While I’m not a fan of any particular price, I find I’m even more willing to look into my dress-buying habit when I find one that looks like a bargain – like the dress at $ 15 which I can’t help but withdraw from. my closet.

For a summer dress to get my approval, style is key, but fit is paramount. At 5ft 2in, I’m obviously short, so I favor midi dresses and ones that fall just above my knee. With its low rise, slightly ruffled hem, and length just above the knee, Target’s A New Day Sleeveless Hem Knit Dress looked like a dress I’d love even before it arrived. I wasn’t wrong, and neither was any of the 120 five-star reviews.

“I love that I can put on a simple outfit and go, and that’s the outfit,” wrote one Target buyer. “You can dress it up or dress it up, and it works.”

Another said: “I love this dress. I have it in several colors. Perfect, easy to put on in summer, and the silhouette is adorable and assembled.”

The ease of wearing the sleeveless dress begins with the fabric, which is a blend of cotton, polyester and elastane. Cotton is a staple in warm-weather clothing because it is breathable and lightweight enough to be worn in high temperatures. Plus, the spandex offers just enough elasticity to allow the dress to hang down nicely when put on.

In addition to the style and fabric, I also like that this dress is machine washable. I favor simple pieces in my wardrobe, and my $ 15 dress is perfect. As soon as it is dry, I already prepare the next day to be able to wear it.

It is available in 10 colors and sizes extra small to 4X. I own the dress in light purple – which I love to pair with these leopard print sandals – but I’m already eyeing light orange, red and black. And at just $ 15 apiece, I have no problem picking up an extra dress.

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