The famous Spaniard who copies the clothes of Jennifer Aniston

9,357 kilometers separate the city of Madrid, Spain, from Los Angeles, California. However, extravagant pants managed to create a connection between the two cities. The garment was worn by actress Jennifer Aniston at her birthday celebration and by presenter Sara Carbonero on a red carpet. Both managed to create an unthinkable bond through an iconic haute couture garment.

Last Friday, Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 53rd birthday with her loved ones. For this reason, he wanted to share a short video of his birthday look with his followers, to thank all the signs of affection he received on his day. ” Thank you very much to all. I am filled with all the gratitude and love you gave me on my birthday… I am blessed. I love you,” the actress wrote on her social media.

Instagram post by Jennifer Aniston (@jenniferaniston)

In the video, you can see Brad Pitt’s ex wearing outrageous gold pants, flared cut, in lurex tulle with a large number of bright embroideries that combine perfectly with sequins, fringes and shiny gold stones that create the gradient effect. For many people, this look would be “too much”, but Jennifer knew how to balance it with an elegant green sweater with fur details on the cuffs. In a few hours, the photo of Jennifer went around the world, making the comparison between her and the Spanish presenter viral.

Although it is a very uncombinable garment, so to speak, it is not the first time that a celebrity has chosen it as the focal point of his outfit. These ’70s-inspired pants, which appear to be inspired by some of Cher’s iconic looks, were the centerpiece of Iker Casillas’ ex Sara Carbonero’s outfit on the Esquire Awards red carpet. The Spaniard also combined these striking pants with a sweater, in this case black with a crew neck and a mohair style. Plus, she added a bohemian-style Pertegaz black wool hat to complete the look.

Sara Carbonero/ Agency

This very special piece is not easily found in any Inditex store, since it is a piece from the fall-winter 2021 collection of the Italian firm Alberta Ferretti. It can be obtained in the firm’s online store under the name “Pants Gold with Sequins Sunrise” and has a price of 7,000 euros.. Undoubtedly, a very high price for the pockets of most mortals who dream of emulating the style of these beautiful fashionistas. Recently they went on sale due to the change of season, but 3,500 euros is still an exorbitant price for pants that can only be photographed a few times.

At the moment, this model is completely sold out in the firm’s online store. However, no “Low cost” firm has dared to manufacture a model inspired by this original piece. Hopefully Jennifer Aniston has made the necessary publicity to convince Amancio Ortega to manufacture a garment similar to a fraction of its price.

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