The new Willow & Vine boutique opens its doors

Owners Brittany Powell and Hailey Howell have opened their second Willow & Vine location in Rockingham.

Matthieu Sasser | Daily newspaper

ROCKINGHAM – Two women from Wadesboro opened the doors of their new boutique in Rockingham, Willow & Vine on Saturday morning.

Owners Brittany Powell and Hailey Howell opened their first store in Wadesboro in October 2020. They are two best friends who introduced themselves through their husbands.

Willow & Vine, which is named after each of their eldest daughter’s birth trees, started out as a children’s clothing business. Today, they also sell women’s clothing.

“We were spending an obscene amount of money on a children’s website ordering our children’s clothes,” said Powell. “I called Hailey and I said, ‘We can do this. “”

Powell and Howell, nurse and social worker respectively, started selling clothes at each other’s homes as soon as the pandemic began. As they were experiencing shipping delays, the owners agreed it was a bit crazy, but still successful.

“It brought our community together when they needed it,” Powell said, citing the Anson Walmart shutting down just at the start of their business.

Now Willow & Vine is a full time job for the two best friends. Their Wadesboro location has also started offering men’s clothing. Powell also added that their store strives to showcase body positivity and inclusiveness.

Rockingham Willow & Vine store shares its store with Dreamworx Day Spa. At the grand opening on Saturday morning, the two best friends also displayed items from other small business owners.

“We thought Rockingham was a tremendous opportunity for growth,” said Powell. “We look forward to serving this community. “

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