The NRS store in South Philly sells special clothing for the Phillies

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Throughout our coverage of the World Series, CBS3 has highlighted the creativity of Philly-area fans and businesses. Well Thursday we have a special treat for the ladies and we can’t forget our fur babies.

It’s Phillies Phasion – spelled with a capital P.

“I found this felt pen first,” Anne Oliveria said. “It is so hot.”

For female fans, it’s all about coordinating with the perfect red and white.

“I just like to cut it, give it more shape, a different neckline and make it more feminine,” Nicole Styer said.

Styer owns the NRS store along Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia.

These days, her sewing machine is running 24 hours a day.

And her one-of-a-kind Phillies shirts, scarves and handbags are flying off the shelves.

“I’ll be all dressed in red and white for the Phillies tonight,” Oliveria said. “I’m so excited.”

And also a Phillies fan favorite, just down the block is Amelie’s Bark Shop.

“Phillies sports fans always show up, so we show up for them too. We have our handmade bandanas and our homemade cookies,” Jackie Starker said.

Starker, the owner, says business is booming. Her mom makes sure the Phillies’ pets are decorated too, and her dad makes sure the fur babies eat well.

“Any time the Phillies are successful, it’s really great for business people,” Starker said.

Phillies fashion is truly a family affair, from stylish divas to our adorable Phillies puppies.

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