This clothing store highlights amputee models and fashions

Disability rights advocate Keisha Green recently launched The Push Collection, an online store that features amputee mannequins with stylish cuts. Green, being a double amputee herself, created the shop to push her customers’ appearance higher, with the belief that your appearance is a presentation that protects your power while preventing pity. Amputees don’t get a lot of opportunities in fashion and beauty, but Green wants to put a stop to that and create a space for them.

“As a double amputee, I am aware that people will look at me with pity; however, my appearance is a display of my power – it prevents pity. As I represent beauty every day, I kill without show game. As a leader in the amputee community, it is my desire to continually inspire, pioneer and change the world for the amputee and disability community,” said Keisha Green. is to continue to provide an equal opportunity to female amputees through the boutique and modeling. Accordingly, I will lead the charge in shattering the perception of ‘handicap’ and what we call ‘beauty’.

Image: Courtesy of Push Collection.

Push Collection by Keisha Green Layered in Love Dress, $130,

Fashion has always been something Green has enjoyed, but she wanted to see more amputees represented. She would see comments from her Instagram followers telling her how much they loved her outfits and asking where she bought her clothes. This led her to curate her boutique with clothing that meets the needs of amputees while ensuring they look chic. Green read the comment loud and clear, and as a result, she decided to take The Push Collection Boutique from an idea to a plan of action.

Image: Courtesy of Push Collection.

Push Collection by Keisha Green Belted shirt dress, $100,

You can follow the brand’s Instagram account showcasing the new outfits of the day, and also shop the full collection at

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