Tobi Amusan’s style and the history of women’s fashion in sports

Nigerian Tobi Amusan has broken the world record in the 100m hurdles.

She holds many firsts in Nigeria and is the world champion. World Champion is something not everyone can be, and that’s what she is.

She is the first Nigerian woman and the first Nigerian woman to win a gold medal at the world championships.

His victory is a beacon in times of crisis for Nigerians, and it is something that can make them smile.

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Sexism is a problem in sport. In the 1900s, they had to fight to be allowed to play sports. Black people weren’t allowed to play sports until the 1940s.

So that the men would not be distracted by women’s clothing, they were asked to wear modest clothes such as petticoats. Imagine playing tennis in a loose, long-sleeved skirt.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that they began to wear more modern clothing. This coincides well with the popularity of sports brands like Adidas and Puma.

But things are no longer the same, women wear light and loose clothes to play sports.

This can be seen in modern sports and this year’s World Championship in Athletics where Tobi Amusan emerged triumphant.

Amusan’s style has always been bold, usually wearing her natural hair and a very bold choice of lipstick. She also loves jewelry, bracelets, anklets, necklaces and piercings.

She did cornrows with extensions and had her nails done in light purple.

This look was very fashionable at the 2022 World Championship. Black women wore elaborate wigs and had long colored nails.

Her victory and those of many other women demolish stereotypes and testify that being feminine and beautiful does not mean that you cannot be sporty and excellent.

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