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We don’t consume clothes like we did just a few decades ago. Since the rise of fast fashion, the industry has produced more than 90 million tonnes of waste each year and consumes nearly 80,000 billion tonnes of water. With fast, smart marketing and social media constantly selling the latest trends, it’s hard to resist the urge to update your wardrobe.

But you don’t have to throw away last year’s tie-dye tracksuits and buy flare pants that will be out of date next year. While you should always be careful about how much clothing you buy and throw away (even if you donate or recycle it), buying second-hand is a more sustainable option.

With the pandemic still ongoing, it is not always possible to go to a thrift store. Plus, if you’re looking for specific pieces, you could spend hours searching in stores and end up with things you didn’t budget for. Enter used clothing apps, which make saving more convenient than ever. Shipping emissions can be a concern, but many apps also offer location filters and even pickup options to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’re planning on refreshing your wardrobe, find trendy, timeless, vintage, and even luxury products on these six best used clothing apps.


ThredUp is an online consignment store that allows people to buy or sell new and used clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories. There are over 35,000 brands, including designer options, on ThredUp, and the app offers clothing for adults, kids, and maternity.

What makes this app unique is that if you want to sell items, you don’t need to list them yourself. Instead, you order a “cleaning kit” and pack it with your items. Then you ship it all with a prepaid label from ThredUp. The company sells your items and pays you the money.

The advantages of ThredUp:

  • There are thousands of articles to browse.
  • You can filter by location to reduce emissions as much as possible.
  • ThredUp photographs and lists your items for sale, saving you time.
  • ThredUp offers flat rate shipping or free shipping if you spend more than $ 79.

The cons of ThredUP:

  • ThredUP will take 20% to 90% of the sale amount of your items.
  • ThredUP may reject the items you want to sell, and you must pay a fee to have them returned to you. (You can also choose to have them recycled.)
  • Prices on the app are final; some apps allow you to barter or bundle to save money, but that’s not the case on ThredUP.


Poshmark is one of the most popular savings apps, with at least one item sold every second in the United States. The app offers clothing for adults and children, as well as household and pet items.

This app offers free authentication for luxury goods and prohibits price hikes, so you can be sure that you are getting a fair deal. Buyers can choose to work with stylists to create complete outfits, and Poshmark offers fast, priority shipping. Sellers can upload their items in minutes, set their own prices, and negotiate with buyers to build relationships.

The advantages of Poshmark:

  • Sellers can set their own prices.
  • Sellers can easily promote their items by sharing through social media.
  • Poshmark has a tight-knit community, so you can connect with other users through the app for tips, style tips, and more.

The disadvantages of Poshmark:

  • Poshmark charges a commission fee of $ 2.95 for items under $ 15 or 20% for items over $ 15.
  • Sellers are responsible for photographing, listing and shipping their items.
  • For buyers, the shipping cost may be high.


Vinted is a used clothing app with service in Europe, USA and Canada. It has over 45 million users and thousands of brands and products to browse. From 2021, the app only sells clothing and beauty products to include household items as well.

It’s free and easy to start buying or selling on Vinted. You can find branded items and sometimes even luxury goods on the app for big discounts.

The advantages of Vinted:

  • There are no registration fees or commission so you keep all the money you earn by selling items on this app.
  • You can get discounts by bundling items from a seller.
  • Buyers and sellers in the same location can arrange pickups to avoid shipping emissions.
  • Buyers can trade with sellers for bigger discounts.

The cons of Vinted:

  • Vinted has a smaller number of users compared to other top second-hand apps, which means you might have a harder time finding the items you want or selling items.
  • Sellers are responsible for photographing, listing, selling and shipping the items.
  • Pickups are not covered by Vinted’s Seller Protection Policy.


Depop is basically another social media app, but focused on buying and selling second-hand clothes. If you’ve ever spent time on Instagram, you’ve probably seen your favorite influencers selling their items on Depop.

The app includes unique and on-trend pieces, including vintage and designer clothing, in an app that looks a lot like Instagram.

The advantages of Depop:

  • The application is available internationally.
  • Salespeople can organize closet-wide sales.
  • Buyers can band together to save money.
  • Shipping costs are based on the item, so these rates are reasonably priced. They can also be paid by the seller or the buyer.

The disadvantages of Depop:

  • Ads can only contain a maximum of four photos.
  • Depop has a 10% commission.
  • Sellers can only collect payment through PayPal or Stripe, both of which have additional trading fees.


Most of the major second-hand clothing apps have categories for men’s clothing, but these sections are generally smaller than the other categories. Grailed is specially designed for buying and selling men’s clothing, which means shoppers can find a wider selection of items in this category.

The app mainly focuses on trendy clothing and luxury items, so the prices are generally higher than some of the other more general second-hand apps.

The advantages of Grailed:

  • Shoppers can access top drops in trending brand clothing through Grailed.
  • The app offers a wide variety of rare, unique, vintage and luxury products.
  • The app has a very simple and user-friendly design with a variety of filters and recommendations to make shopping easier.

The disadvantages of Grailed:

  • Grailed’s commission charge is 9%. It’s smaller than some other apps, but the items sold on this app are usually priced higher which means higher fees.
  • As with any site, there are scammers here, especially for luxury goods. Buyers and sellers should exercise due diligence in reviewing the accounts with which they communicate.
  • All transactions are carried out only through PayPal.


Fashionphile is a second-hand app for luxury items namely handbags and accessories. You won’t find any clothes here, but it’s a great place for high-end handbags, belts, watches or jewelry. The company has been around since 1999, making it a trusted app for buyers and shoppers.

With an emphasis on accessories, Fashionphile has a huge selection of popular and hard-to-find items from high-end designers.

Most of Fashionphile:

  • Fashionphile has a strict and lengthy authentication process.
  • Shipping to the United States is free.
  • If the item isn’t what you expected, returns are free and easy – a rare perk for luxury thrift stores.

The disadvantages of Fashionphile:

  • Fashionphile does not sell clothes, only accessories.
  • Sometimes the app would load slowly or have issues.
  • Fashionphile’s commission charge is 15% for items over $ 3,000 or 30% as a base charge for everything else.

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