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Whitehurst to launch boutique in memory of sister

Posted 3:12 p.m. on Tuesday, August 30, 2022

August 31st is a difficult day for the Whitehurst family as it is an annual reminder that Caitlyn, their beloved daughter, granddaughter and sister, is unable to celebrate with them. Her younger sister, Logan Whitehurst, hopes to make the day easier by fulfilling a dream she and Caitlyn shared. This way, the family can associate August 29 with a happier memory.

Caitlyn’s life was taken on May 13, 2019, in a deadly act of domestic violence. According to a Washington Daily News report at the time, Whitehurst was the victim of a murder-suicide involving her ex-boyfriend whom she recently left behind.

In the years that followed, Whitehurst created a non-profit organization called Caitlyn’s Courage that uses federal funding to support the production of technology that allows victims of domestic violence to learn the location of their accused abuser through the implementation of a GPS monitoring program. The program helps victims limit the number of interactions they have with an accused abuser.

Whitehurst, however, wanted to do more by fulfilling a dream she and Caitlyn shared of owning a size-inclusive boutique. Whitehurst said that when they first started discussing the possibility of starting a boutique (about five years ago), there weren’t many options for plus-size women to buy boutique-style clothing. . The sisters wanted to change that and offer a variety of sizes.

Whitehurst remembers many shopping trips that she and Caitlyn enjoyed. The sisters bought each other clothes when they went shopping separately. They went on shopping sprees before the start of each school year and at the change of season.

Fashion was fun for both; however, there were stores that Caitlyn would not go to because she knew her size was unavailable.

“I noticed that every time we went shopping I found so many things and she wouldn’t even walk around the stores where I was going to buy things because she automatically knew she was going to be disappointed,” Whitehurst said.

The Whitehurst sisters wanted to create something that would make fashion fun and accessible to everyone.

On what would have been Caitlyn’s 29th birthday, Whitehurst will launch Elegant Touch – an online store which in the near future will have “Caitlyn’s Line”. The line will feature fashionable plus size clothing. The site will be online from 8 p.m.

Launching the boutique on Caitlyn’s birthday “felt great” for Whitehurst. “Every year, we dread these dates. Giving his date of birth a new physical meaning will hopefully help me and my family manage his birthday each year in the future.

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