Why an Oversized Button-Down Shirt Is My Fall Fashion Must-Have

Fall is hands down my favorite season to dress up. With temperatures worthy of a goldilocks (neither too hot nor too cold), your entire wardrobe is at your disposal. Fancy a slip dress and a sweater? Totally doable. How about a blazer and shorts? No problem! But the real workhorse of my closet this time of year is definitely an oversized button-up shirt. My style aesthetic leans towards the masculine most of the time, so I’ve amassed quite a collection over the years – most of them vintage – but I always head straight for the men’s section before perusing the women’s options. to check which shirts have dropped for the new season.

The beauty of an oversized shirt is in its versatility. Not only do they work for a variety of body types and sizes (especially those of us who aren’t genetically blessed in the bust department), but the styling options are seemingly endless. With the right accessories, like a belt around your waist, you can easily change your silhouette and create a garment that can live many different lives in your wardrobe.

For my personal aesthetic, I like a draped and slightly loose fit, so I tend to just roll up the sleeves, leave the top three buttons undone (a good bra is a must, the one you don’t have not afraid to show), and if I’m wearing high waisted pants, I’ll tuck in one side to elongate my legs. I just don’t want the shirt to look too perfect – which means it has that quality that it just rolled out of bed and looks so good that French women in particular seem to have mastered. Plus, when you’re running around New York all day, it’s worth not worrying if your shirt gets a little wrinkled. Appearing immaculate is boring in my opinion – let your clothes look worn and loved.

So if you’re ready to start incorporating what is arguably the most essential of all fashion basics this fall, check out some of my favorite shirting options and how I’d style them for the season right now.

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